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Syncro System is constantly looking to expand and perfect our line of van upfit products. One of the latest products to join the Syncro line is a sliding deck to transport funeral caskets. Over the years, we have had numerous requests by funeral homes to equip their vehicles. Our design team and technicians, experts in the field of van upfits, constructed a simple yet functional sliding casket deck that can be easily adapted to any van.
It consists of a sliding platform, mounted to the floor of the van, with a rolling apparatus on the back edge facing the doors, allowing for effortless sliding of the casket into the vehicle. Syncro adapted its deck to accommodate the wooden board that is usually used to transport the coffin with the aid of a folding cart.
On the fixed part of the deck, in front of the roller, we incorporated a blocking mechanism to stop and hold the casket in position in the vehicle. A strap and mechanical latch along the deck frame complete the blocking system, ensuring safe transport of the heavy coffins. Even in the case the driver must break quickly, the casket will remain securely fastened in place, avoiding any risk to the driver and or passenger.

An upfit for funeral directors, like the one shown in the photos below, also includes vertical cargo bars, as well as containers for floral decorations and cushions along the side walls of the vehicle. In this case, the whole interior of the van has been covered with chequered plate aluminum panels.

The sliding funeral coach deck is now available in every authorized Syncro System branch, where our expert technicians work with each client to provide the ideal upfit for every commercial vehicle.