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Upfit for the Fiat Doblò 2000 (long wheelbase) with sliding plastic drawers and forward-tilting clear plastic drawers.


The Doblò, from the Italian automotive company, Fiat, was launched in 2000, and belongs to the same class as the Berlingo, Kangoo, Caddy etc. It was designed to be used as a commercial van to transport goods and equipment, or as an minivan for carrying passengers.
It was intended to replace the now obsolete Fiorino, which had remarkable success in its day.
It is available in a variety models: low roof and short wheelbase, low roof and long wheelbase, or high roof and short wheelbase (replaced by the second generation Doblò in 2009).

In most cases, Syncro System upfits are installed on new model vans, but they can just as easily be mounted in an older, used vehicle.
The photos on this page are in fact of a brand new upfit with its racking modules mounted on a vehicle several years old. It is a first generation Fiat Doblò long wheelbase, upfitted with shelving units on both sides of the cargo area.
First, we installed a durable coated plywood floor panel, complete with recessed steel anchorage points designed to lock down cargo using cables or straps. The floor is made of special lightweight plywood, strong and very durable, with protective steel borders along the lengths where the van doors are.
The interior racking system on the left side of this Doblò is comprised of a wheel house cover with hinged door. Positioned above the first wheel arch frame is second frame with open front and positioned aluminum bar, sliding system and strap to hold and lock portable utility and tool cases.
Above the two wheel arches, we mounted a shelving unit with two shelves with aluminum dividers and non-slip mats.
Above the shelving unit, we mounted two drawer units containing a total of 28 removable polypropolene drawers.
These drawer units with multiple drawers are an exclusive Syncro System product, designed for the easy storage of many small parts, fittings and fasteners. Each drawer can be divided into three compartments, so that the customer can conveniently and orderly store, transport, and retrieve up to 84 different items.
Each drawer is equipped with an automatic locking button so that drawers remain closed during transit, while at the same time, they can also be easily pulled out completely and brought directly to the work site.
At the very top of this racking system is a long tray with raised sides and hinged front locking flap convenient for holding pipes, tubes and other long thin objects.
The module system on the right-hand side consists of a second open wheel arch frame and four drawer units with forward-tilting transparent plastic drawers. The drawers are made of high quality plastic, not broken down by UV light and therefore do not lose translucency or become brittle over time.
The front of the drawer unit is free of protruding parts, and the recessed automatic locking button ensures each drawer remains closed, once it is pushed shut.
The large drawers can be divided into two compartments by provided dividers, so this particular drawer unit can accommodate up to 40 different small parts - all of which are clearly visible and easily retrieved.
One of the unique solutions to this upfit is the second long tray with raised sides, turned on its side, providing extra, useful, space-saving storage for elongated objects.

This Doblò upfit also includes several useful accessories for vans. At the bulkhead, in the back of the cargo space, we mounted an aluminum track with strap for securing objects in place during transit. Near the bulkhead, we also added our exclusive high-strength steel paper towel holder, to always have paper towels when needed.
Finally, a belt with locking clasp for holding cargo in place, was fixed to the right wheelhouse cover.