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An example of how to best utilize the space in the Vivaro cargo area, by using Syncro System components


In the vast market of mid-size vans, the Vivaro, by the German automobile manufacturer Opel, stands out for its relatively large cargo space (especially considering its moderate external dimensions) and for its cargo area's straight sides which make it easy to take advantage of the internal cargo space for a commercial upfit. These features, together, make the Vivaro a very attractive choice, even after 10 years since it was first introduced on the market.

The pictures on this page show a clear example of how the aspects of the Vivaro lend themselves to the installation of mobile workshops.

As in the case of nearly all upfits, the first and fundamental step is installing adequate internal protection in the cargo area.
Therefore, we first installed a durable coated 12 mm plywood floor panel with steel borders along the lengths where the van doors are. The wood is sturdy, yet lightweight and resistant - ideal to both protect the metal van floor below and to provide a solid basis on which to build the internal racking system. Also the bulkhead, dividing the cargo area from the cab of the Vivaro, was adequately protected with a 3 mm almond aluminum partition panel.

On the left hand side, you can see various Syncro System modules: a closed wheel arch frame with hinged door, enabling use of space around wheel well and a second open wheel arch frame with carrying case storage and blocking system, complete the base for racking modules on the left side of the Vivaro van.
Above that, you can see two drawer units with large steel drawers: one with two drawers and the other with three. All drawers are equipped with ball bearing runners, doubled in the case of the larger drawers (with a load capacity of 120 kg).
On top of the drawer units, there is a closed shelf module with hinged front, a second shelf left open, and the third highest shelf accessorized with six removable polypropylene bins.

One of the most requested and appreciated products of the entire gamut of the Syncro System product line is the drawer unit with transparent plastic drawer. The drawers are lightweight, durable and practical. They allow for the efficient transport of a large amount of fittings, fasteners and small parts, while permitting immediate identification of the objects inside without having to pull out and check the drawers – reducing time and making work easier.

The upfit system on the right side of this Vivaro consists of an open wheel arch frame, a drawer module with 16 pull-out clear plastic drawers – all equipped with dividers and automatic central locking mechanism. Above this drawer module, there is another module with 8 large forward tilting clear plastic compartments and higher still, there is another module with a row of 8 smaller forward-tilting clear plastic compartments.
One of the advantages of drawer units with transparent drawers is the reduced bulk; in this case, in a depth of only 21 cm., there are amazingly 32 transparent drawers of different sizes! By adding the included dividers, you can stow up to a hundred different small parts.
We've completed this Vivaro upfit with an aluminum perforated track with tie-down straps and ratchet to secure cargo, against the bulkhead, in the back of the van.

See other examples of Syncro System upfits for the Vivaro: Vivaro upfit with utility rack, Vivaro upfit with shelving units on the left side of the vehicle.