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Photos of an upfit creating a mobile workshop for the Daily Iveco with shelving and drawer units, generator, compressor, and lots of accessories


The Daily, manufactured by the Italian motor company Iveco, with its distinctive characteristics that render it unique on the European van market.
The production of the Daily began in 1978 and since then, Iveco has continued to produce the van with its monocoque construction in which the structural support is placed on the framework while all other vans in the same class have the weight stress placed on the chassis of the vehicle.
This exclusive feature makes it more like a small truck than a typical van and is the key factor behind the large variety of possible upfits that can be done on the Daily: as a refrigerated vehicle, or small truck/'pick-up' with an open box bed or rear-tipping bed.
The Syncro System Group does the majority of its upfits on the panel-van version of the Daily. The cargo space is relatively high compared to other vans of similar size and because of this, its center of gravity is also relatively high, which we take into account in the design of the interior upfit – keeping in mind that safety on the road is a main priority of ours.
The framework for the body of the Daily, as you can see in these photos, is well suited for transformation into a functional, working upfitted vehicle.
This Iveco Daily was upfitted with not only Syncro System racking components but also with a powerful 15 kVA generator and a compressor with vertical tank.
The Syncro System center also provided the installation of the electrical and pneumatic components. We installed an electrical panel, a reel for electric cords and another for the compressed air tubes, allowing work to be carried out even far from the van.
The interior upfit consists of a durable coated plywood floor panel, complete with recessed steel anchorage points, designed to lock down cargo using cables or straps. As with all Syncro floor panels, we positioned protective steel borders along the lengths where the van doors are.
The wall protection consists of coated galvanize steel panels, laser-cut to size. It is a solution that not only protects the underlying metal of the van body from bangs and dents but also gives the Daily's cargo space a professional polished look.


The modular units on the left side of the van consist of three open wheel arch frames, two of which have forward-tilting baseboards.
Above the base frames, we mounted a series of drawer units with 12 metal drawers of varying heights – all complete with non-slip mats and aluminum dividers, and all sliding on ball-bearing glides. Over the drawer unit closest the back doors, we installed a work top with side and back borders, a vise with a swivel base, making the Daily a true workshop on wheels! Completing the racking system on the left side are shelving units with five shelves, also complete with non-slip mats and aluminum dividers. Two of the shelves have hinged front doors.
The upfit on the right side of the Daily consists of two open wheel arch frames, both with forward-tilting baseboards. Above these, we placed two large steel drawer units, sliding on ball bearing glides – each with a maximum weight limit of 120 kg. Above them, we mounted a shelving unit with six open shelves and two with front hinged doors. At the top of this racking unit, there is a long tray with raised sides, perfect for securing and transporting long objects.
The upfit of this Iveco Daily is completed with a handful of useful van accessories. We added a few hooks and straps to secure cargo, a spray can holder, a first aid kit placed in eyesight for easy access, a paper towel roll holder, and a wall-mount for a fire extinguisher.
We paid special attention to the lighting, installing two 18-Watt – 220 volt neon lights with ballast that allows direct connection to the van's 12 Volt outlet.
Lastly, we added a revolving warning light mounted on a magnetic base – indispensable for those who need to work in public places.

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