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The Crafter, from Germany's Volkswagen, is a full-size van, identical to the Mercedes Sprinter.
Completely revised in 2007, it is one of the most modern and up to date full-size vans on the market today.
You can see, from the photos on this page, how the very large cargo space suits itself perfectly for transformation into a mobile workshop. And thanks to the vast array of Syncro System products, from upfitted modular systems to paneling and accessories, the transformation is simple.

To ensure a flat cargo floor area, while at the same time creating a solid foundation for the installing of the interior racking components, we first installed the 12 mm plywood floor panel for Crafter. The special plywood used is lightweight, durable and finished with protective steel borders along the lengths where the van doors are. The floor is complete with recessed steel anchorage points designed to lock down cargo using cables or straps.

The cargo area walls have been protected by panels consisting of coated galvanized steel sheets, pre-cut to size. It is a solution that efficiently protects the underlying metal of the body against bangs and dents. In this upfit, we also installed a ceiling panel and two protective wheel well covers, crafted in steel and wood.

The whole area near the back cargo doors was left free, with only four steel tracks mounted on the side walls, to which can be attached straps or cords for securing materials and equipment.

The right side of the cargo space was also left free of shelving, while the left side consists of a wheelhouse cover with front hinged door and corner opening, an open compartment that holds two fuel cans (each one in its own holder), and a compressor. Above the wheelhouse cover, we installed two drawer units with 6 steel drawers of varying heights. The drawers slide on ball bearing glides and are equipped with a recessed automatic locking handle. Each drawer comes with an non-slip mat and aluminum dividers that can be positioned according to individual needs.
On top of the drawer units, we placed a shelving unit with two large shelves complete with gas-activated spring doors. Two more shelves were added on the side of the drawer unit, and another two on the very top. All six shelves that make up the racking component on the left side of the Crafter come with rubber mats and aluminum dividers.


Other components for the upfit were mounted along the bulkhead of the Crafter. Here, we see a wheelhouse cover base with gas-activated spring doors on parallelogram hinges – basically extra space to store cargo.
Above the wheelhouse cover base is a drawer unit with two large steel drawers, and a tray with two portable utility cases. With their convenient array of plastic containers, the metal cases for small parts are extremely handy for organizing and carrying large quantities of small parts, fittings, and fasteners. Above the drawer unit, we mounted a work table consisting of a 25 mm coated ultra-resistant plywood counter top with raised borders along the back and sides.
Fixed to the bulkhead, using adjustable square steel hangers, is a single shelf with front hinged door for extra multi-use storage space.
In the Crafter upfit, there are a multitude of accessories that add valuable functionality: mounted on the back left door is the Syncro hand-washing kit that consists of a 10-litre water tank with spout, soap dispenser and paper towel roll holder for rolls of 280 mm and the incredibly handy Scrubs cleaning wipes – working wonders on oily/greasy hands, tools and parts.
For extra bright lighting we installed two 36-Watt and two 18-Watt ceiling lights. Attached to the side of the work table upfit component are two spray can storage trays (holding up to eight spray cans) and a second paper towel roll holder.
This particular upfit needed to have a long hose for working with compressed air (for use even some distance from the van), so we mounted a hose reel for convenient storage and usage.
This Crafter also has an external socket for a 220 V electric current which powers the compressor, the two ceiling lights from 36-Watt, and the square outlet positioned next to the bulkhead.

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