Van racking NV200 Nissan
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Van racking NV200 Nissan

Nissan NV200 van racking is now available, in addition to flooring panels, side panels, roof racks and van accessories.


Nissan NV200 is a modern commercial vehicle, with a fresh design, a 524 mm loading height and a regular wide load area. As many other models of the Japanese car manufacturer, it is produced in the Barcelona manufacturing plant.
With a total length of 4,4 m, 1,69 m width, 1,86 m height and a 4,2 qm payload it has a good outer dimensions-payload ratio.

A wide range of lining panels and in-vehicle equipment for NV200

Please see an example of NV200 van racking with double side doors. Shelving, drawer units on the left and removable transparent tilting boxes on the right side.
Syncro System offers a full range of inner protections and storage solutions: racking, shelving, drawers cabinets and more:
Flooring panels in resin coated marine plywood or chequered aluminium
Side panels in painted iron sheet or aluminium
Bulkhead covers in wood or aluminium
Doors covering

Optimal space utilization in your van

NV200 is usually provided with right sliding door, you may see on the pictures a van with 2 sliding doors. In such a case, we recommend a special storage solution: part of the racking is turned 180 degrees so that drawers and shelving can be reached from outside.
Syncro System modularity allow you to make the most of the load compartment: as you can see, notwithstanding the inclined bulkhead, it is anyway possible an optimal space utilization thanks to the different depths available!
In addition to shelving and drawers for vans, Syncro product range includes also roof racks and ladder racks fro NV200, a wide range of van accessories like hooks, lashing straps, lamps, hand-wash units, first aid kits, fire extinguisher holders, computer cabinets, loading ramps, workbenches with vices.