Video: Syncro in the 34th Bassano rally

Watch the video of key moments from the preparations and the race, showing the team sponsored by Syncro System in the 34th Bassano Rally. 

The video shows driver Michele Crescenzo and navigator Mauro Savegnago in the blue Peugeot 206 16V nicknamed the “Smurfette” for its original colour. The pair carried the Syncro System logo right to the finish line of the last special section, completing without incident the full 400 km of the route planned for the two-day event, from the Asiago hills to Monte Grappa and the Pedemontana area and on to the finish in Bassano’s Piazza Libertà.  The video focuses on highlights from the preparations, one of the most important phases in any rally, in which the mechanics make the final checks and adjustments to the car while the teams study a map of the route to identify the necessary technique for each bend.  Syncro System has always supported motorsport and this time played at home by sponsoring one of the Bassano area’s most traditional events. This year's event attracted 170 teams to compete for the prestigious modern rally and historical rally trophies.