A Crafter racking solution for a renewable energy firm

A fully customised Crafter racking solution: only from Syncro System

Here is yet another example of the uniqueness of every Syncro racking solution. This particular configuration is installed in a Volkswagen Crafter L3H3 owned by a company that installs renewable energy systems.

Every Syncro System racking solution is fully customised to meet the needs of the user, so much so that we have achieved a rate of 98% customer satisfaction!

This particular Crafter has racking on both sides, plus a selection of accessories on the doors, walls and racking side panels. Syncro’s Ultra side panels have uniformly spaced holes that can be used to fix many different accessories, quickly and even temporarily. 

An extended life guaranteed by custom-made liners

Syncro always fits liners before installing racking. In the case of this VW Crafter, the Syncro team began by protecting the bodywork with pre-shaped and pre-drilled panels, using an exclusive fixing method that confers unrivalled stress and corrosion resistance on the van’s bodywork.

The floor is covered with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin finish while the walls and doors are lined with super-strong steel panelling.

The left of the renewable energy firm's Crafter

Racking covers every inch of space on the left of the renewable energy firm’s Crafter. The configuration is made up as follows:

  • two floor-level compartments, one partly enclosed by a fixed profile and the other equipped with a case transport kit consisting of hooks, straps and an end plate
  • six metal drawers, all of the same size and all equipped with non-slip bottom mats and internal dividers to provide safe, protected and orderly storage for small tools and similar objects; drawers like these are among the best-selling items in the Syncro range; they are practical to use and incorporate an automatic closed position retaining mechanism
  • a specially shaped shelf for removable plastic containers
  • a series of seven configurable shelves for holding all those items that need to be within easy reach at all times
  • a full-length top tray for long objects.

The racking on the right of the VW Crafter

The amount of wall available on the right is limited by the presence of the van’s side door, but even this racking column provides ample storage capacity. The configuration starts with a floor-level compartment with a bottom profile and continues with three configurable shelves, a Multibox cabinet of 18 pull-out transparent plastic containers and a top shelf. Multibox cabinets are quite unique and are protected by a Syncro patent. They feature a release button with an automatic retaining latch and have no protruding parts at the front. The photos clearly show another patented feature of Syncro racking. The right and left racking columns are fixed to the walls of the van by brackets that are specially designed to avoid contact between metal parts. This fixing method dissipates energy without damaging elastic elements and therefore ensures many years of perfect, maintenance-free functionality!

Syncro van accessories for greater functionality

Sometimes not even a great racking system is good enough! Accessories are the perfect answer to specific requirements, and at Syncro, we have hundreds of them in our catalogue. This VW Crafter L3H3 is fitted with:

  • cleaning accessories: a water can and soap dispenser for washing hands, both with dedicated holders, on the left rear door, and a paper roll holder on the left side panel
  • cargo retaining accessories: a bar rack with a metal flange and strap at the bottom of the left side panel, two cable holders on the right side panel, and a length of Syncroblock bar with hooks and straps on the bulkhead
  • lighting accessories: low-consumption LED ceiling lamps

What about the ladder? Put it on the roof! More space inside, more convenience

If your job involves installing photovoltaic, solar heating or wind energy systems, a ladder is something you just can’t do without. But this essential item is also awkward to carry and the question always arises... where to put it? It must not be allowed to take up precious space inside the van, and it also needs to easy to load and unload.

The ideal solution is a roof rack with ladder slide from Syncro System. The roof rack on this Crafter VW L3H3 is equipped with a single ladder slide attached to Syncro’s exclusive aluminium cross bars. Syncro ladders slides are made from stainless steel with aluminium and rubber parts. They boast not only descent damping but gas spring lifting assistance for easy and zero-risk operation. This type of ladder rack avoids clutter in the cargo compartment and improves operator health and safety too!

Do you install renewable energy systems? Call the experts and join the Syncro family.

Every Syncro racking system is unique, but if you would like to see some more examples, start looking here for photos of Syncro racking solutions in Crafter vans, or try here to see solutions for colleagues who also install renewable energy systems.

All Syncro System users gain in professionalism, time, money and tranquillity, so if you want to join the Syncro family, get in touch now to arrange a no-obligations consultation!





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