Volkswagen Crafter with racking for a refrigeration business

The spacious Volkswagen Crafter can be fitted with many different configurations of Syncro racking and accessories, depending partly on the version of the vehicle, but mainly on the customer’s requirements. This page illustrates the racking installed by Syncro System in a low roof VW Crafter operated by a company that specialises in the installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems.

The Crafter’s interior lining: protection and a brighter van

All van interiors require effective protection. Even in the case of this Crafter, before starting to install the racking as such, the Syncro team fitted the interior with lining panels to prevent unnecessary wear from daily use and damage caused by equipment, tools and cargo falling on to the floor or against the walls. The floor is protected by a marble-look plywood liner while the side walls are covered in honeycomb plastic panels.

A Crafter racking system based on drawers and shelves

The Syncro System racking system in this low roof VW Crafter belonging to an industrial refrigeration business is dominated by open shelves and transparent containers. The racking on the left of the van consists of a column of five open shelves, a partly enclosed wheel arch cabinet and another two shelves installed side by side, high up near the bulkhead. A large section of wall under the two high shelves has been left free but a cargo retaining rail has been fitted at the bottom of this space to turn it into practical storage for bulky equipment and machines. A similar space has been provided on the right side wall, not at floor level but over the wheel arch cabinet at the rear. In this case, cargo is supported by a non-slip plywood surface and held in place by two wall-mounted bars, one for fixing the lashing straps and the other with an impact-resistant, hollow, rubber profile for protecting both cargo and wall against scratches and dents. The racking on this side of the van also incorporates 18 pull-out transparent containers and a further 18 tilting and removable containers, also in transparent plastic. Nearly all these containers can be fitted with internal space dividers if so desired, making them ideal for carrying small spares and sundries in an orderly and fully visible manner. The racking on this side is completed by two small open shelves.

Accessories make this Crafter a more efficient workshop

A number of accessories have been installed to turn this Volkswagen Crafter into an extremely efficient mobile workshop for the installation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems.
  • An inverter is installed at the top of the bulkhead and connected to the van’s own battery and to a multiple power socket near the handle of the side door. This permits the trouble-free use of electrical tools like drills and routers even if no mains supply is available on site.
  • Running across the top of the bulkhead is a metal bar with four movable hooks. These can be adjusted to five positions to carry boxes and other variable size items.
  • Cargo retaining rails have been installed in various positions inside the van for use with straps of different length, along with milled bars for straps and hooks.
  • There are cleaning accessories too, like a paper roll holder at the rear of the left side racking and a water canister with tap and soap dispenser on the left rear door for easy access and great practicality.
  • LED ceiling lights provide all the lighting needed to work and move around safely inside the van.

Roof transport for the Crafter: the Ultrasilent system

The roof of this refrigeration service’s VW Crafter has been fitted with a roof rack complete with side fences. This provides a beautifully simple but extremely effective way to carry long or bulky items in total safety and with easy access. The rack’s front cross-bar is fitted with Syncro’s new ULTRASILENT profile which dramatically reduces the noise and vibration produced by air flowing over the roof rack when the van is travelling.





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