Welcoming the new king ….. of Belgium!

This autumn, 2013, Syncro System 'crowns' the new king of Belgium, as part of their new advertising campaign created by the Fernelmont branch of the group specializing in van upfits.

Inside the palace, rather … the inside of a van has been chosen as the setting for the ad, showing one of the Belgium Syncro System installation technicians adorned with the typical regalia of the royal family: a crimson velvet robe lined with fur, and a jeweled crown. The slogan created by the Syncro System SPRL, branch based in Fernelmont, is "Devenez le nouveau dans votre camionnette Roi!", or "Become King of your van." The lighthearted reference to the imminent succession to the throne of Philip of Belgium, who on July 21st succeeds King Albert II, sets the tone for the message that it is Syncro System who knows exactly how to transform disorder into a palace fit for a king: the inside of your van. Choosing to protect your van's interior (on any make or model) with Syncro protective paneling and then personalize the upfit with Syncro racking units and accessories, means you can transform your van into a mobile workshop assuring you the best in functionality and safety. Thanks to modularity of the Syncro drawer and shelving systems, the owner of the van reigns like a king over his land of perfectly ordered materials, tools and equipment – everything safely in place and easily retrieved. For every working van's needs, we come up with the right solution that will save both time and money. The Belgium Syncro System's metaphor embodies Syncro's true goal: by upfitting your van, in a way that suits your exact needs, you increase both your efficiency and professionalism!