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More than 4.000 products available in our catalogue among van protections with floor panels and side lining, van racking, drawer units for vans, tool boxes and service cases, loading ramps for vans, roof racks and ladder racks for vans, van accessories, to meet the different customers’ requirements.


Syncro System product range is really wide, with more than 4.000 models of drawer and shelving units, van accessories, lining panels and flooring panels for all vans sold in Europe, service cases and than ladder racks, loading ramps, accessories, etc. With such a wide range, customers are always sure to find what they are looking for.
All Syncro products are ready for delivery. Moreover, new products are constantly launched to meet market demand.

Internal van protections: flooring and side panels

Syncro System includes a full range of van protections, with flooring panels in marine plywood or chequered aluminium, side panels and all other protections like bulkhead covers, panels for windows, wheel arch covers.
All flooring, side lining and other protections are made with light weight and strong material, already pre-cut and pre-drilled, ready for installation.
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Van shelving

Van shelving is one of the most appreciated products of Syncro in-vehicle storage solutions.
They can be used to store tools and equipment in a tidy and practical manner.
A big step forward for plumbers, electricians, lift and maintenance worker!
Made of high-strength steel, they are available in many different sizes and models:
- Shelving with movable dividers: have a low front profile to ease access and adjustable anti-rattle aluminium dividers.
- Shelving with door: can be provided with a door, to hide content and avoid tools and equipment from falling out.
- Shelving with anti-shock plastic storage bins: each retained by a metal frame, they can be removed and take on sight.
- Shelving unit for tanks: provided with 10 l tanks to transport fluids.
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Drawer units for vans

The chest of drawers play a big role in Syncro van racking: allow you to store in a tidy and practical manner tools, spare parts and equipment.
All metal drawer units are provided with ball-bearing slides with loading capacity from 40 to 140 kg, according to drawer size, double automatic locking mechanism and flat front profile.
Different models available:
- Drawer units with front opening, in many different sizes.
- Drawer units with side opening, for an easy access, no matter whether spare parts, tools or equipment.
- Drawer units with trays to store service cases and tool boxes.
- Under-floor drawer units: installed in a double floor allow to store a great deal of tools and equipment leaving the load area completely free.
- Drawer units with transparent removable drawers allow visual control of contents.
Thanks to Syncro patents, they are provided with an automatic locking button, flush handle. They are totally modular, so that they can be fitted in any position inside Syncro van racking.
- Van lockers, in alluminium and high-strength steel.
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Tool boxes and service cases

Tool boxes and service cases are a must for electricians, plumbers, aerial fitters, maintenance staff and mobile workers.
Syncro offers a great variety of service cases, that can be fitted in the drawer units for vans.
They are really sturdy thanks to the steel clips, welded hinges and accidental opening secure system; service cases can be provided with aluminium dividers or plastic containers.
The professional tool boxes in aluminium and ABS are a top quality Italian product.
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Loading ramps for vans

Syncro System Aluminium loading ramps allow an easy load and unload of motorbikes, trolleys, mobile workshop and equipment.
Motorbike loading ramps also available and many others with loading capacity up to 1800 Kgs.
Heavy duty models have to be fixed on vans, whereas lightweight series can be easily stored inside the van racking.
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Roof racks and ladders racks

Syncro roof bars, ladders racks and roof racks are the ideal solution for transport material and goods on the roof.
- Completely made of aluminium and steel
- Really silent thanks to the patented aluminium roof bars designed for a superior aerodynamics
- Roof bars are provided with an upper rubber profile.
- Roof racks with side panels are provided with rear loading roller
- Totally modular, they can be tailor made changing the number or dimensions of bars and side panels, of course within the range allowed by fixation points provided by car manufacturers and van size.
- Ladder racks allow an easy on and off load of ladders.
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Van accessories

With Syncro in-vehicle equipment van accessories those who works on building sites or by customers can have what they need with them as if they were in their workshop.
Hand wash units with water and soap, hooks, lashing straps, lamps, first aid kits, generator sliding platforms, side pockets, fire extinguisher holders, canisters, padlocks for van doors, trolleys, awnings, cabinet for laptop and printer, and than workbenches, vice holders, air vents, tool case clamp kit.
A world of possibilities with Syncro System in-vehicle equipment!
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