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An electrical contractor company asked our Syncro team to convert their van into a fully functional mobile workshop and service vehicle for their daily on-site maintenance and repairs. Once again, we're proud to say we hit the mark!


The Doblò from the Italian auto manufacturer Fiat is a compact van that falls into the MPV catagory. It is a vehicle designed to transport both people as a minivan, and cargo as a small commercial vehicle with good loading capacity in relation to its compact size. It delivers a combination of agile handling, sleek lines and low fuel consumption. Many electricians choose the Doblò as their service and repair van for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems. Because of this, the Syncro group has carried out a huge number of Doblò conversions for electrical contractors.


One of the foundation blocks of the Syncro philosophy is the customization of each conversion – each one is unique to fit the needs of each individual client.

Let's take a look at this one.
The Doblò, like all vans, does not come with adequate interior protection against the daily wear and tear all working vans are subject to. To remedy this, the Syncro group offers a vast range of interior protective paneling and coverings.
One step at a time ...first we put down our Syncro-tough, 12 mm plywood floor panel, complete with non-slip steel borders and recessed steel anchorage points . It is made of marine plywood and is completely water repellent. It protects the original metal van bed, creates a durable, perfectly level loading floor, and a solid base for mounting the racking components.
The racking solution on the left-hand side consists of an open wheel arch base where items can be securely stored, thanks to a strap and clasp. Moving upwards, we see a drawer unit with four trays housing four metal organizer cases, complete with internal mix&match mini bins. Electricians really appreciate these cases since a huge number of small parts and fittings (like screws, nuts, bolts, joiners, nails, etc.) can be safely, easily and systematically stored and transported. Each case has a robust metal frame, two latches, and a safety button to prevent accidental opening while on the road. Next to the drawer unit are two shelves with foward-angled end panels, complete with rubber mats and aluminum dividers. A final shelf (also with rubber mat and dividers) at the top completes the shelving unit.

One of the most common requests of commercial van owners is to install racking components that take up the least cargo area possible – leaving ample space for loading and transporting materials and equipment. As you can see in these pictures, the right-hand side solution takes up only 16 centimeters – just a few centimeters past the wheel arch. The metal drawer units with forward-tilting, clear plastic drawers, are one of the mainstays of the modular Syncro system. And it's easy to see why. The clear plastic makes it easy to see the contents of all the drawers, while the durability of the PMMA plastic (used for airplane windows) is unrivaled, and it has no potruding parts which could easily be broken. It's built tough and durable for the long haul.

By creatively positioning the various racking components to follow the lines of the van, the Syncro specialists were able to make the very best use of space possible, while still managing to safely store and transport an enormous amount of small parts, fittings, tools, equipment, etc. The Syncro team pulled off another van transformation, perfectly meeting the needs of our customer!