2019: so much energy saved, so much energy produced

The title of this news item is not a play on words but a simple equation. Thanks to the large photovoltaic system that covers the roof of our plant in Via Portile and thanks also to our use of the latest production technology, since the start of 2018, Francom has reduced its energy footprint by a total of 1,600,000 kWh. Our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing our impact on the local area has led to a series of developments at our new Cassola factory:
  • Our photovoltaic system, made up of over 1000 modules for a peak power of around 300 kWp and an average annual output of 330,000 kWh, now covers around 40% of our plant’s annual energy needs. Our use of clean and renewable energy, like natural sunlight, avoids emissions equivalent to 120 tons of CO2 a year. Since its partial start-up in 2016, the system has generated around 800,000 kWh.
  • Efficient building insulation has reduced the need for heating during the winter months as well as cooling in the summer: our offices are conditioned by an all-electric system with no boilers and burners.
  • The presence of roof windows and strip (ground to roof) windows allows us to exploit natural light to the full, reducing our dependence on artificial illumination, which is 99% produced by LED lights in any case, giving an energy saving of 50% over our old neon system
  • Our laser cutting machines and automatic bending machines, the most important of all our production systems, were recently replaced with latest-generation units that consume 80% less energy than the machines we used to use. The energy savings achieved since the start of these changes can be estimated at almost 800,000 kWh. This transition will be complete by spring 2020, when the last “old-generation” machine still in use will be replaced.
  • Our new-generation painting plant uses methane and solvent-free powder paints. The plant functions at different temperatures depending on the phase of painting, thereby reducing energy consumption, and is equipped with a compressor heat recovery system. Paint is 100% used with no loss or waste, so that emissions into the atmosphere are virtually ZERO.