Syncro racking withstands almost anything!

This is what happens to Syncro racking in a serious accident

Syncro System racking and accessories really are tough!

This is not just an advertising slogan or a vague promise. The facts show that the liners, racking and accessories installed by Syncro really do withstand almost anything. The photos on this page illustrate what we mean. The van seen here was involved in a serious accident and the collision was so violent that the vehicle was written off. It is a source of comfort to see that the racking in the back of the van has effectively withstood the impact and remained securely attached to the side walls.

Apart from minor deformation, the side panels and the container cabinets (which are far from new and date back quite a few years) have remained in one piece and fully functional. The transparent plastic containers had already been removed ready for transfer to a new van when this photo was taken.

Top-quality materials and advanced production systems

The ability of Syncro racking to withstand such extreme impacts derives from three main characteristics:

  • the excellent quality of the materials used to make Syncro products
  • production using advanced techniques that ensure a high level of precision in all phases of manufacturing
  • the care taken and standardised procedures adopted by Syncro System dealers in Italy and around the world to ensure a uniform finish and to reduce the scope for errors during installation.

This is not an isolated case. Syncro racking has withstood accidents in other vans too

Syncro System racking has demonstrated its ability to withstand the toughest trials on many occasions. This page illustrates the results of a number of serious accidents involving vans:

-A Mercedes Vito after a collision with a tree

-A van owned by a refrigeration business after the explosion of a defective gas cylinder

-A Volkswagen Transporter after colliding with a moving train

-A Renault Trafic after being hit from the side and rolled over

-A van lined with galvanised steel panels after having to perform an emergency stop

-A Fiat Scudo recovered from a hillside

All these events share one thing in common: minimal damage to the Syncro liners and racking despite serious damage to the vehicle’s bodywork and, in some cases, serious injury to the driver and passengers.