For Syncro System, supporting “I Bambini delle Fate” is an ethical choice

Syncro has supported “I Bambini delle Fate” for 12 years

Syncro System’s ties to the I Bambini delle Fate Foundation are stronger than ever. Syncro has been supporting projects run by the charity founded by Franco and Andrea Antonello for 12 years now, donating a fixed sum every year.

“I Bambini delle Fate” was formed in 2005 to help fund social inclusion projects and courses run by associations and service companies for children and youngsters with autism or other disabilities.

F.A.R.C.E.L.A. in 2024: a step towards an autonomous future

Syncro System contributes to the work of I Bambini delle Fate along with another 35 local companies. The foundation in turn helps finance projects run by the Farcela Association of Castelfranco. Over the years, this funding has not only supported workshops and activities for the families of youngsters needing care but has even permitted the purchase and refurbishment of a house!

2024 is the first year of a house-based project designed to offer many young people the chance to experience autonomous living in a safe, welcoming environment. The project will help them to start making choices and decisions for themselves outside the confines of the family.

Activities in 2023

The donations made by the group of companies of which Syncro System is a member supported a number of projects for different age groups throughout 2023. The “I Go” , “I Choose” and “I Work” projects helped a group of 35 neurodiverse young adults to move towards autonomy in their free time, at home, and in society and work, while Farcela’s long-standing Basket, Theatre Workshop, Swimming and Horse Therapy activities continued to enrich the education of nearly 70 young people.