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Special covering for workbenches

There’s great news for all of you who need a really bombproof workbench: Syncro System now offers a stainless-steel covering that protects and reinforces the worktop normally installed in vans.

The worktop

To allow customers to create a really efficient work area inside their vans, Syncro System can install workbenches at whatever height is required. In standard form, the worktops are made from robust sheets of plywood with a marble-look surface, complete with raised edges at the sides and rear to stop parts and tools falling off. Now Syncro can make its marble-look plywood workbenches even tougher by fitting a special stainless-steel covering.

Two worktops mean twice the strength 

The stainless-steel covering is 2 mm thick and is accurately cut and shaped to cover the entire worktop, including the raised edges, if fitted. This solution presents two obvious advantages: 

  • 1. Combining wood and stainless steel significantly increases the strength of the work surface and allows even heavy items to be placed on it without damaging the bench underneath. 

  • 2. Stainless steel is particularly easy to clean, even if oil is spilled on it. 

Like all Syncro products, the new workbench covering is completely modular, so customers are free to protect just the worktop, the worktop and rear edge, or the worktop and all three edges.