New 25-2023 catalogue edition


Don’t miss Syncro System’s latest van racking catalogue. Edition no.25 is updated to the first half of 2023. You can download it free of charge from this link of, if you prefer, browse it online from any device:

If you prefer to consult a paper version, just call in to any Syncro dealer. We’ll be delighted to present you with your own personal copy of our catalogue no.25. If you wish, you can book a no-obligations consultation with our racking experts at the same time!

New products in catalogue no. 25-2023

At Syncro System, we never stop updating our product range so our catalogue is always being expanded and renewed. We publish a new edition of our catalogue once or twice every year to give you an up-to-date overview of all the new ideas we have added and all the improvements we have made to existing products too.

Here’s what's new in catalogue no.25/2023.

  • There’s a new, essentially designed cover on which Syncro blue provides the background to four photos of typical Syncro products.
  • We’ve added images of the new crash test carried out in 2023 which Syncro racking passed with flying colours (pages 10-11).
  • Various new photos have been included to illustrate products like our pull-out trays for cases (page 71-71), ventilation grilles (pages 200-202) and motorcycle clamps (page 208)
  • Many exclusive Syncro products have been given specific names and logos to make them easier to identify: MultiBox transparent containers (pages 82-91), SyncroLocker lockers (pages 94- 96), ProfiBox and VisionBox removable containers (pages 118-121), Fortix vice benches (page 152), SyncroBlock, SyncroRail and SyncroStop cargo retaining accessories (pages 169-177 and page 217) and the SyncroKing trunk (page 203).
  • Our long drawer units are now available for positioning anywhere inside the van, not just in underfloor systems (pages 158-163).
  • Ecoflow, the revolutionary autonomous power system, is now included in our catalogue: Syncro supplies all power and performance variants (pages 192-195).
  • In the last section of the catalogue you can find 50 pages of racking solutions with many new photos!

Useful indications for finding the right section of the catalogue

The overall layout of Syncro catalogue no. 25-2023 is the same as in previous editions. Just in case you have never browsed through a Syncro catalogue before, here is a quick explanation of how to consult it.

1. The catalogue is divided into seven sections, each identified by a different colour.

2. A Table of Contents at the beginning tells you in what section our various products and subjects are located.

3. To find the right section quickly, just find the corresponding colour. You can even close the catalogue and re-open it to the same spot using the colours on the edges of the pages.

Happy reading!