A Dacia Dokker for a fire and theft prevention service

A fully equipped mobile workshop in a Dacia Dokker

The racking in this Dacia Dokker is a perfect example of the amazing possibilities offered by Syncro System. Our racking design team managed to install a complete mobile workshop in this compact van by exploiting space on the roof and providing useful storage under the floor. Here are some of the benefits this system delivers to the customer, a business that installs, services and repairs anti-intrusion and fire prevention systems:
  • The chance to keep on using this small van without having to purchase a larger vehicle, with all the cost and inconvenience this would have incurred;
  • Continued enjoyment of small-van agility and consumption;
  • Everything tidy and readily accessible despite the limited space available.

Under-floor drawers: a great way to double available floor space

Installing an under-floor drawer unit is an excellent solution for small vans in which the storage space provided by vertical racking may be insufficient. A metal frame on the van floor provides the runners for the drawers. A second, walkable floor is installed over this (in this case formed by a marble-look plywood floor liner). The drawers, some opening rearwards and others accessible from the van’s side door, are convenient and capacious and, in addition, allow the user to store valuable items where they cannot be seen by prying eyes when the doors are closed. To make the fullest possible use of space, shelves have been installed behind the cabinets of transparent containers on top of the racking on both sides of the van.

Case shuttle and cargo retaining systems

The limited availability of floor space posed no threat to the creativity of the Syncro team, who took the opportunity to fit a large case storage compartment with automatic shuttle at floor level. This versatile system can transport tool cases of all shapes and sizes in complete safety. The Dokker has also been equipped with two cargo retaining systems: two multi-purpose metal pockets and a bar, strap and hook system on the bulkhead.

Drawers for all purposes

The anti-intrusion and fire prevention company’s Dokker has been fitted with various drawer cabinets in addition to the underfloor unit:
  • Case trays: these contain 4 Syncro metal cases for power tools, fasteners or small spares;
  • Transparent containers: the van has been fitted with 32 of these in total, providing a great way to keep different materials separate, saving time on the job;
  • Side-opening drawer cabinet: a smart way to provide easy access to equipment and materials without having to climb into the van. These drawers can be accessed easily from outside the van when standing at the side door.

The Dokker’s ladder rack and transport tube

With every inch of space inside the van used up, it was only natural to exploit the roof too. The Dokker is fitted with a single-slide ladder rack and a practical, cylindrical transport tube.

Choosing Syncro means making the best possible use of space in your van

If you own a small van, Syncro System has some great solutions for exploiting every inch of space to store whatever you need! There’s no need to buy a bigger van if you find you need to carry more stuff. Ask us for an obligation-free quote, tell us what you need and let us find the way to provide maximum space at minimum cost.





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