New Syncro Guide for the second half of 2022

The second 2022 edition of Syncro System’s Van Racking Guide is now out to help customers navigate through the world of mobile workshops! Don’t miss out! Download it free by clicking this link, or, if you prefer, browse it online below:

New content in Syncro’s Guide for the second half of 2022

Syncro’s Van Racking Guide is updated every six months to keep readers up to date with the latest additions to Syncro’s range of van racking products. In particular, this latest edition contains all the new products introduced in 2022:

1. Point 18: the latest sizes of transparent tilting containers. Now larger, offering greater storage capacity for tools, spares and sundries, and with internal dividers for keeping everything in perfect order.

2. Point 32: the new steel walkway for safe movement on your van’s roof.

3. Point 33: the new family of Ecoflow Power Stations with lithium batteries, battery chargers and pure sine wave inverters for autonomous power wherever you are.

4. Point 36: not a new product but included here by popular demand: bars for transporting hanging garments.

5. From page 52 on: new examples of van racking solutions by Syncro System: solutions for both side walls, the bulkhead, and for fully accessoried, custom-made mobile workshops. Browse for inspiration!

How is the new Guide organised?

The Van Racking Guide is presented in 52 points and contains all you need to know about the world of van racking: information about liners, metal drawers and clear plastic containers, shelves and removable containers, cases and case transport systems, access ramps and van hoists, work benches, vice benches, accessories for lighting, lashing, ventilation and cleaning, roof rack systems, generators, inverters and compressors, awnings, special underfloor storage systems for pickups… and finally, information on technical and bureaucratic aspects like finance and the Syncro product warranty, installation times and the possibility of moving racking from one van to another.

How racking can save you money

The Guide also contains some interesting facts about the Syncro System Group. For example, in 25 years, Syncro has equipped over 90,000 vans around the world, saving customers at least 30 minutes a day in time, meaning economic saving of at least 16,500 euros per van over a period of 5 years!

RACKING SAVES TIME, because everything remains in perfect order and no time is wasted searching through untidy heaps.

RACKING SAVES MONEY, because Syncro liners protect your van’s bodywork against dents and scratches and because your tools and equipment are kept safe, avoiding loss, damage, and the need to re-purchase…

On the last page of the Guide is a useful list of Syncro dealers, complete with telephone numbers and addresses for getting in touch and arranging an appointment.