Francom S.p.a. has moved its registered office

SERVICE INFORMATION Francom S.p.A. moved its registered office on the 01/11/2017. The new registered office is at 114/a Via Portile, Cassola (VI), Italy. The old registered office at 8 Via San Zeno, Cassola (VI) has assumed the status of local production unit. Please update your records accordingly. For your convenience, here are the complete new company details: Francom S.p.A. Company capital 1,000,000 euros, fully paid up Registered office: 114/A Via Portile - 36022 Cassola (VI) Local production unit: 8 Via San Zeno - 36022 Cassola (VI) Tax code: / VAT No. / Company reg. no: 00812440246 Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and SMEs Vicenza Economic & Administrative Register 165285 Tel. 0424/570062 - Fax 0424/570754 Web Site: Email: