A 65-year journey for Francom Spa

A few lines, elegantly written by hand on a simple, lined sheet of paper: this is how the story of the Syncro System Group began, 65 years ago. On the first of January 1953, a young Francesco Comunello – not yet twenty years old – signed a contract to rent a room in the centre of San Zeno di Cassola from another local man. The agreed rent came to twelve thousand Lira a year. The space was destined to house a new engineering business: Francesco had a passion for bicycles but did not have the money to buy one, so he decided to make them instead. A good head and good courage was all he had on his side when, with a determination that would achieve great things and that still bears fruit today, he decided to dedicate his energies to repairing and building bicycles for others.

A (short) history of 58 years of Francom

The company was officially registered seven years later, in 1960, but that contract was the first step in a process that has never stopped since. The actual building that housed the first rented premises has been refurbished and restructured numerous times over the years and has since housed various different businesses. The Comunello family business soon moved a few dozen metres to the road that leads to the small town square, to a small building that was later extended more than once, the last occasion being in 1981. The company that Francesco Comunello founded soon abandoned the bicycle business, but remained in the field of mechanical engineering to begin producing agricultural implements and later tool and money cases, strong boxes and component cases before finally entering the van racking market in 1996. Francesco died in a road accident in 1982 and control of the family firm passed to his eldest son, Luca, and his mother, Maria. Today, Luca is president of the Syncro System Group, while his wife Fabiola and brother Adamo are managing directors of the parent company, Francom.

From one room to a whole factory

The buildings that have hosted Francom over the years clearly illustrate the company’s growth: from just a few square metres, illuminated by a single light bulb in 1953, to 6500 square metres of factory, completed in 2012 but soon to be extended by a new wing to give a total of 8700 square metres of floor space. In 2018, all departments in the company moved from the “old” factory in Via San Zeno to the newly designed plant in Via Portile, also in Cassola.  Francom has successfully dealt with economic fluctuations, a changing market and rapid technological development while remaining faithful to its roots and becoming a leader in van racking. Our company is renowned for top quality products, an efficient customer service, safe production processes, and a commitment to energy saving and environmental sustainability.