Announcing the death of Maria “the Mechanic” Menon

Maria “the Mechanic” Menon, widow of Francesco Comunello passed away on the 9th of August 2022

Maria Menon, widow of Francesco Comunello, the founder of Francom (now Syncro System S.p.A.) and mother of Luca, Adamo and Bibiana, passed away on the 9th of August, surrounded by her entire family. Her children, who lost their father in 1982, wish to remember her as an example of dedication to both work and family.

As Luca, now president of the Syncro System Group explains, “The greatest gifts we received from our parents were their teachings on how to live and their irreproachable ethics. They taught us always to do what is right and not imitate others, to behave correctly towards others and never to employ deception.” Maria would have turned 86 on the 26th August. She became known locally as "Maria the Mechanic" after working for years as the wife of the town’s bicycle mechanic. Until the last, her life was dedicated to her family and her work, so much so that that she never stopped helping in the business while her strength allowed. In 2009 she received the Cassola Award “for having built up a business that contributed to the growth of the town”.

The funeral will be held on Friday 12 August at 16:00 in the church of San Zeno di Cassola.