A Renault Kangoo for servicing renewable energy systems

Magical tidiness: Syncro’s transformation of a Renault Kangoo

Syncro System’s experts can transform your van into a real workshop on wheels by installing all the racking and accessories you need. A tidy van will make an incredible difference to your everyday work. In a Syncro racking system, everything you need, including large and small tools, spares, equipment, machines and hardware has a place of its own. This means it cannot fall out, slide around or get jumbled up with other items. The van presented on this page is a Renault Kangoo L1H1 belonging to a firm that services energy systems and specialises in renewables.

Floor and bodywork liners to protect the interior against rapid deterioration

The first job done on this van was to protect its interior – an essential step to avoid damage and preserve the vehicle’s re-sale value over time.

This Renault Kangoo is fitted with a marble-look plywood floor liner. One of the unique features of Syncro floor liners is the presence of stainless-steel cups and protective edging. These provide almost total protection against corrosion and permit easy access to the vehicle’s original anchor rings. The walls and doors are protected by super-strong, impact and dent-resistant steel panels.

On request, Syncro System can also protect your van’s bulkhead and even its roof, wheel arches and windows.

Almost identical configurations on the left and right of the Kangoo

The racking columns are very similar on the left and right of this Kangoo for servicing renewable energy systems. They are identical in depth and both consist of a number of shelves with transparent containers arranged vertically on the side panels at the rear doors. Syncro’s transparent containers are made from PMMA, the same super-tough plastic used to make aircraft windows. These tilting or removable containers are held in Syncro’s patented Multibox modular metal cabinets. The way these containers are installed in this van permits easy access to contents even without having to climb inside.

The shelves are all fitted with non-slip mats to keep contents in place and stop items sliding around and getting mixed up. They can also be divided into separate compartments with the addition of internal space dividers. There are, however, some differences between the columns on either side of this Kangoo. The floor-level compartment on the left is equipped with a hook and strap lashing system while that on the right is left free. In addition, the floor-level compartment on the right can also be accessed from the side door. The column on the left terminates in a special shelf with removable blue plastic containers while topmost element on the right is another configurable shelf.

The “magic” of transparency

What’s so special about Syncro System’s transparent plastic containers? They are:

  • one the most popular products with customers
  • extremely strong and do not warp or break
  • resistant to sunlight and do not turn yellow or opaque
  • easy to see inside without opening
  • designed to ensure you always have everything you need: it’s impossible not to notice an empty container!

How to turn the bulkhead into a secure support for cargo

In a small van like the Renault Kangoo, the bulkhead may not be big enough to house a column of racking but it can certainly be made more functional by adding cargo retaining accessories.

The bottom section of bulkhead in this van, for example, is equipped with hooks and lashing straps mounted on a section of Syncro’s exclusive Syncroblock slider bar. This system allows even heavy materials and equipment to be carried in the cargo compartment. And you can rest assured that everything is secured as road transport legislation demands.

Do you own a Kangoo? Take advantage of a free, no-strings consultation with the van racking specialists

Over 90,000 vans fitted out over a period of nearly 30 years: that’s what makes Syncro System the world’s leading van racking specialists. That’s also why you can trust Syncro to offer the best possible advice on how to transform your own van.

Without a Syncro racking system, you are losing time and money every day. We have calculated that a tidy van can save you half an hour every day. In terms of hard cash, this equates to a saving of over 3000 euros a year – money you would be far better off investing in your business or your spare time!

Want to see other racking systems in the Renault Kangoo? Start looking here.

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