Syncro proudly presents… Syncro magnet!

What is Syncro Magnet?

Syncro Magnet is a patented new system developed by Syncro System’s in-house R&D department. It consists of a magnetised grid installed along the internal walls of your van and hidden from sight by Syncro System’s tough wall lining panels. The powerful magnetic field created along the van’s walls allows normal liners to act like “vertical tables”. Tools and equipment can simply be stuck to the wall and pulled off again when needed, with no risk of becoming detached in the meantime. To install racking modules along the wall, all that is needed is to boost the power of the magnetic field at the fixing points. The magnetic field is strong enough to hold even the largest shelving and drawer units in place.

The benefits of Syncro Magnet

With Syncro Magnet you can:
  • Keep all your tools where they are clearly visible
  • Use a dedicated, augmented reality app to find the exact position of every object
  • Adjust the power of the magnetic field to suit your needs, up to the maximum “ANTI-THEFT” setting
  • Feel great at the end of the day thanks to the beneficial effects of continuous magnetotherapy, which leaves you feeling every evening as if you had passed the day in a top-quality health spa!
Call Syncro System now to find out more about Syncro Magnet and to book your own custom installation! And a happy April 1st 2019 from us all at the Syncro System Group!