A Renault Express with Syncro racking

A Renault Express with racking for a plumbing business

A large percentage of Syncro System customers work as heating engineers, plumbers, electricians and service engineers. The reason is simple: these are all trades that need a van workshop to transport tools, equipment and spare parts and to carry out minor repairs, servicing work and adjustments directly at the work site. Syncro Ultra racking and accessories are just as practical for other applications too of course, whether work or leisure. The photo gallery on this page illustrates a Renault Express L1 owned by a plumbing business.

The racking system installed by Syncro System is simple and functional but, more to the point, responds exactly to the customer’s needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Liners for the Express L1

To start with, this Renault Express L1 was fitted with Syncro floor and door liners. The floor liner is made from plywood and has a marble-look surface that is easy to clean and offers excellent grip. Because the marble-look pattern does not show up dust and particles of dirt, the van’s interior stays looking clean and tidy throughout the working day. The doors are lined with painted steel panels that not only protect the bodywork against dents and scratches but also provide a strong surface for anchoring racking and accessories. Remember that proper lining keeps your van’s bodywork in tip-top condition for years to come.

Syncro System racking on the left of the Renault Express

Syncro racking is installed on both the side walls of this Renault Express L1. On the left we have:

  • an open floor-level compartment with a lashing strap at the front
  • three shelves, including one right at the top

Though simple, this configuration effectively answers the user’s needs: it keeps everything needed for a day of work in perfect order and provides a secure space for carrying tool cases of all shapes and sizes.

An excellent example of customisation: drawers accessible from the van’s side door

In theory the right of the van offers less space for installing racking because of the side door. In practice, however, the full length of the wall has been used thanks to a custom solution proposed by Syncro.

The “wall” itself is equipped with a racking configuration consisting of a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door and various shelves of different depth arranged to follow the contours of the bodywork. The floor area accessible from the side door has been equipped with a series of eight metal drawers installed to open outwards rather than towards the centre of the cargo compartment. This smart solution is made possible by the modular design of Ultra racking and gives the user access to his tools and materials without him having to climb into the van.

The accessories that complement the racking system

To finish, the Express Renault was equipped with a number if useful accessories:

  • two cable holders
  • a first aid kit

On request, Syncro System installers can also fit your van with cargo retaining systems, cleaning accessories and lighting. Accessories can be fitted either to the lining panels or directly to the racking, using the equally spaced holes typical of Ultra side panels.

Everything for plumbers: discover the racking solutions chosen by the trade’s top professionals!

If you work as a plumber or heating engineer, look here for some of the thousands of custom racking solutions Syncro has installed for colleagues in the same trade. You can find racking solutions specifically for the Renault Express here and here too.

Successful plumbers choose Syncro System to remain competitive. Arrange an obligation-free chat with our experts now. We look forward to seeing you!





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