Syncro System at Expomin 2018 in Chile

From 23 to 27 April 2018, Syncro System and its Santiago dealer took part in the fifteenth edition of Expomin, the international exhibition for the mining industry which presents the latest mining technology to operators from all over the world. The Chilean exhibition, held in Santiago’s Espacio Riesco, is one of the world’s top mining events and is especially important for nations like Chile, Peru, the USA, Spain and Australia, where mining is a major industry. Expomin provides a great opportunity to discuss the latest mining methods and technologies, and operators can find new solutions to all kinds of mining-related problems. The 2018 edition entitled “Innovation in the mining sector” attracted around 1300 exhibitors from 35 countries. The total number of visitors was estimated at 70,000.

Interview with Enrico Conti, Syncro System’s South America Area Manager

When interviewed at Expomin, Syncro System’s Area Manager for South America, Enrico Conti, took the opportunity to explain the key role played by van racking in improving performance in all areas of industry, especially for companies who use vans as mobile workshops.  Syncro, the Italian leader in van racking systems, has been active in Chile for around 5 years through its Santiago-based dealer “Equipamiento Vehicular”.  As Conti explained, “We specialise in van racking and in converting vans into travelling workshops for companies in all areas of business and industry. As we know, saving just one minute per day, per van, can result in major savings for a company by the end of the year and can greatly improve its image too. Syncro System came to Chile to offer European experience to a great and ambitious nation whose culture is probably closer to ours than any other nation in South America. A large number of companies have opened their doors to us and welcomed the major changes in mentality we are proposing. Working in an orderly environment, with your stock fully under control, without wasting time and with everything you need immediately to hand really is a major change. Last but not least, the improvement in image is important too. Going about your work with a well-equipped, tidy van, with provision for washing your hands before you make out your bill is a clear sign of good organisation.”  Conti also spoke of Syncro System’s Chilean customers, who work in a wide range of sectors, from environmental services to water treatment, mechanical engineering, raw material transformation and mining. “Companies in all these areas,” Conti pointed out, “have one thing in common. They all need good organisation! The fact that labour costs less in South America than it does in Europe is not a good reason for not trying to improve!”