New! a video tells the story of the Syncro group

Watch the video that tells the story of Syncro System!

The story of Syncro System began in 1960, when FRANCOM was registered as a company in the local chamber of commerce. The company’s first patent was nothing to do with vans! Its founder, Francesco Comunello, patented an innovative new design for a shovel handle. Still a young entrepreneur, Francesco Comunello married Maria “the Mechanic” and fathered three children: Luca, Adamo and Bibiana. By the time of his sudden death in a tragic road accident in 1982, his small firm had become a flourishing company. Francesco’s eldest son, Luca, and his wife, Maria Menon, took over management responsibilities.  After many years of challenge, courage and success, Francom (now a company limited by shares) and the other companies in the group have arrived in 2017. Today, Syncro System is a national and international leader in van racking and a point of reference for the 70,000 customers who, over the last twenty years, have chosen - and are still choosing - to fit out their vans with Syncro racking.