Syncro among the top 1000 companies of Vicenza in 2022

Top 1000 Companies Report for 2022

The end of 2022 sees the arrival of the latest (2022) edition of the Top 1000 Companies Report. The volume is compiled by Publiadige and published by the Giornale di Vicenza, and lists financial figures for the top 1000 companies based in Vicenza and province. Compared to results for 2021, Syncro System has seen turnover increase to 17,589,183 euro, earning the company 579th place in the listing.

Last year, Syncro System was in 497th place following the merger between Francom S.p.A. and Syncro System Italia srl. In 2020 – a year characterised by lockdowns following the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic – the company was in 828th place. This year’s fall in the rankings is certainly not due to lacklustre performance since all the indicators considered by the 2022 report are excellent: at €2,130,848, net profit has doubled compared to the previous year while financial charges have fallen to almost 0%.

Company president Luca Comunello gives an upbeat account of the year ending

Though the public health situation no longer represents a major drag on business and finance, other critical factors have come into play to complicate normal production and trading.

Like all companies in the vehicle equipment and conversion sector,” Luca Comunello, president of Syncro System explains, “in 2022 we saw sales falling as a result of the dramatic drop in vehicle production caused by component shortages – especially chips.”

As output of new vans dropped despite high customer demand, businesses downstream were inevitably impacted. However, the head of Syncro System concludes on a positive note: “We all hope that vehicle manufacturers will finally find a way to solve their supply chain problems because there really is strong customer demand, even in the van racking sector.