Racking for a drop-side truck by Syncro

A special racking system for a drop-side truck

Syncro System racking is designed mainly for installation in the cargo compartments of vans, where everything is protected against the weather and theft. Nevertheless, the amazing versatility of Syncro racking, the modular design of its components and the excellent quality of the materials used permit “special” installations in other types of vehicle too.  The photos on this page show an example of a racking system installed on a drop-side truck. In cases such as this, Syncro’s installation team always puts customer satisfaction first, using standard Syncro products in original but functional ways to deliver the best possible solution!

Fitting out a drop-side truck is not like fitting out a van

Racking installations on this kind of vehicle differ in fundamental ways: 
  • The racking is not protected against the elements nor against intrusion
  • There are no rigid walls
  • The sides of the truck fold down
  • The truck's load bed may be used to carry very heavy, bulky cargo
  • Anything loaded on to a truck without adequate protection is subject to the wind when the vehicle is moving, even in ideal weather conditions, and needs to be firmly secured.

A custom racking solution for a drop-side truck operated by a water mains service company

The truck shown in this photo gallery is operated by a company that services the water mains for part of Italy’s Veneto region. The company performs all scheduled maintenance and repair work on the area’s water pipes and provides an emergency service whenever needed.  This is how Syncro System went about satisfying the customer’s needs: 
  • To provide generous, protected but easy-access storage on the load bed, directly behind the cab, Syncro constructed a box structure in aluminium tread plate with internal walls in steel sheet and a marble-look plywood partition in the middle..
  • Access to both side compartments is provided by roller doors that open right to the top of the box structure and descend to the load bed for locking.
  • The compartment on the left of the truck is fitted with a Syncro metal drawer cabinet with four drawers and with a stainless steel tank for liquids, complete with tap and level indicator.
  • The right compartment houses the work equipment: a generator on a pull-out slide and a pull-out vice bench with marble-look plywood work top. A full-length shelf at ⅔ the height of the compartment with a bar and strap cargo retaining system provides secure storage for tool and component cases.
  • At the rear, each compartment in the box structure is fitted with a bar, hook and strap retaining system. Behind these, vertical frames made from aluminium profiles and Syncro brackets are fitted with another two open-air hook and strap retaining systems. Four bar racks on the load bed help keep cargo stable.
  • This external structure is intended for use with items that are not affected by rain, such as roadwork signs and work stands.
  • At the back of the truck, Syncro has installed a roadworks signalling structure. The side facing the road carries a warning sign for other road users with lights at the top. The inside of the frame has been used to mount a ladder holder with two hooks and a strap retaining system.

Integrating Syncro and customer material

This racking system is a great example of how Syncro van racking products can be combined with material provided by the customer. 
Ask your nearest Syncro racking centre for a quote. The Syncro team will be delighted to design a custom solution that meets your needs!





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