2021: Syncro for "I Bambini delle Fate"

For the last nine years, Syncro System Spa has been helping the projects of the “I bambini delle fate”, Foundation which has provided continuous economic support for social inclusion projects since 2005, targeting families with children suffering from autism and other disabilities. The Foundation uses an innovative funding system that brings together groups of companies to support practical local programmes. In particular, it gives participating companies a chance to “adopt” a nearby project to ensure continuity over time. ““It’s a question of principle for us,” affirms Luca Comunello, president of Syncro System. “We want the success of our company to be reflected in greater wellbeing in the local area. The projects we support work towards this, and by confirming our contribution again this year we ensure continuity over time, which is especially important in these tough times.””.

The F.A.R.C.E.L.A. Association

The local association that Syncro System supports is based in Castelfranco Veneto and is called F.A.R.C.E.L.A. It was formed in 2001 and currently runs seven projects:
  • the “I can do it myself” autonomy project for adolescents and young adults, which encourages personal self-determination
  • a theatrical project for children and young people, with weekly workshops and shows in theatres and schools
  • swimming, hippotherapy, music therapy, integrated basketball, communication and autonomy .
  • We invest in local wellbeing by providing practical support for families with special needs. Because we are not an island!
    Below is an article published in the Tribuna di Treviso newspaper on the 22/04/2021.