Syncro’s new Van Racking Guide for 2023

The new 2023 edition of our Van Racking Guide is out now!

You can browse it directly here:

Or, if you prefer, you can download it from this page. Inside you will find everything you need to know about the world of van racking. The Guide provides a practical overview of the Syncro System products you can use to fit out your van, useful information on how a good racking system can save you time and money, and technical and bureaucratic information too. To keep you up to date, Syncro System publishes a new edition of the Guide every six months, with photos updated to reflect the latest changes and additions.

How the guide is organised: 46 points

The Syncro System Van Racking Guide for the first half of 2023 contains 46 different points. Syncro products are dealt with in the following points:

  • 3 – floor liners
  • 4 – bodywork liners
  • 11 e 12 – cases and case transport systems
  • 13-26-28-31 – shelves, sealed trays, fold-away shelves, writing board kits
  • 14 – metal drawers
  • 15 – removable containers
  • 16 – lockers
  • 17 – loading ramps
  • 18 – transparent containers
  • 19-24-32 – pipe carriers and ladder racks (internal and external)
  • 20 – work benches
  • 21 – vice benches
  • 22- 23-25-27-34 – accessories for lighting, cargo retention, liquid transport, cleaning and ventilation
  • 29 – underfloor drawer systems
  • 30 – van hoists
  • 33 – compressors, generators and Ecoflow power stations
  • 35 – van awnings
  • 36-37 – equipment for pickups and hanging garment transport

If you are looking for generic information on van racking, read points 1 and 2 (cargo compartment dimensions and load capacity); 5-6-7-8-9-10 (racking features essential for maintaining order in your van) and, finally, points from 28 to 46 (useful technical and bureaucratic information relevant to van racking systems).

What’s new in the Guide for the first half of 2023

Many photos have been updated to illustrate our latest products as accurately as possible. In particular, we have updated the photos in points 13, 14, 33, 39 along with most of the photos in the section dedicated to examples of van racking solutions. Point 15, on “Removable containers” now illustrates our latest, 36 cm deep, high capacity containers in impact-resistant polypropylene, which can be fitted with a clear front panel and aluminium space dividers.