Bamberg, Syncro German branch office, obtains the Iso 9001:2008

With this certification, the company guarantees its clients and suppliers that the Syncro System Bamberg branch has a Quality Management System which embraces all phases of operation within the company: the installation and marketing of products for the interior upfits, protective paneling, lining kits, and accessories for commercial vehicles, plus customer service for the products designed and manufactured in Italy (in San Zeno di Cassola, from the head offices of Francom Spa). The Syncro Group therefore continues on its path of constant improvement in both the quality of the products it sells and the services it offers: all the authorized branches, now including the Bamberg branch, follow the same method in the management of their products, as well as in their customer relations. The objective of each Syncro System's center is to work individually with each client, finding the solution that best fits that client's needs and then providing quick and secure installation, with attention paid down to the smallest details. The Syncro System client assistance doesn't end with installation but continues with qualified and professional after-sales support. The certification was given to the Bamberg branch after the relevant examinations and necessary checks by the TÜV inspectors, who deemed the branch's quality management system to be up to par with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 certification: a guarantee of the high quality of products and services offered, from initial no-obligation consultation, to installation, testing, and finally to continued after-sales support.