New catalogue Syncro System no. 24 for 2022


Edition 24 of the Syncro System product catalogue is out now! The latest edition, updated and valid for the first half of 2022, can be downloaded free of charge by clicking this link or browsed online using the link below.

The catalogue is still available in paper too, so, if you wish, you can pick one up the next time you call in to one of our racking centres!

How the new Syncro System catalogue is organised

Edition 24 features a front cover in shades of green-yellow with four images summarising Syncro’s offering for transforming vans into workshops on wheels: racking, liners, roof racks and accessories. Inside, the catalogue is arranged like previous editions, but here is a brief summary of the sections just in case this is the first time for you to browse through a Syncro System catalogue:

  • Red section: the story of the Syncro Group from its origins to the present day, production and management systems, materials used
  • Orange section: floor and bodywork liners for protecting the interior of your van
  • Green section: van racking elements such as drawers, shelves, lockers, work benches, etc.
  • Fuchsia section: accessories for vans
  • Blue section: roof racks and roof accessories
  • Yellow section: loading ramps for vans
  • Light blue section: sixty pages of photo galleries illustrating Syncro racking systems installed in various makes and models of van

New products in catalogue no. 24/2022

The Syncro System catalogue provides a snapshot of all the products currently available from our dealers. Given the rapid rate of research and development at Syncro’s HQ in Cassola, to continuously improve existing products and develop new ones, our catalogue is updated regularly! Here are the categories in which edition 24 contains new products not found in edition 23.1:

1. Front-opening and side-opening metal drawers and case trays

2. Transparent tilting containers and metal bodies for transparent container cabinets

3. Ladder slides

4. Stainless steel bumper footplates for the Ducato/Jumper/Boxer/Movano

5. Lighting accessories: new portable lamp, battery powered LED beacon, LED light bars

6. Load retaining accessories: tool case holder, hanging garment bars mounted on slider bars, 150 mm pockets, magnets for slider bars

7. Ventilation accessories: white vent 8. Other products: folding ladders, van roof walkway

New galleries have been added to the section on recent racking solutions too!