Printable labels for Syncro plastic containers

Labels for Syncro plastic containers – free!

All Syncro System plastic containers, both the transparent type in PMMA and the blue type in impact-resistant polypropylene, come with provision for labels to identify contents.

Syncro System has now devised a way to save you even more time. We have prepared a set of labels specially made for each model of container. The pdf files needed to print them are arranged by container model below:


Simply download the files you want, print them out, then cut out the labels and insert them in the label holders on the front of the Syncro System plastic containers in your van.

All the benefits of tidiness

These new labels are another idea from Syncro System for keeping everything in perfect order in your van. Our technical people have been inventing ways to make van users’ lives easier since 1996 and are continuously finding new ways to improve Syncro racking.

With our new labels you’ll never open the wrong container again when looking for a part needed for an installation, a repair or an ordinary service. Now you can go for the right one straight away, with no more time wasting. And time saving means money saving. We reckon our racking systems already save you around 3500 euros a year!

Removable plastic containers

Syncro removable plastic containers are carried in special high-strength, shaped steel frames. The label holder is located in the raised part above the handle used to lift out the container.

This type of container comes in a range of widths, heights and lengths. The Syncro catalogue also contains Profibox containers, characterised by a large capacity and steel handles, and Visionbox containers, which have an optional transparent front panel, a higher capacity and three grooves for internal dividers.

Multibox transparent plastic containers

In the case of Multibox transparent containers, the advantages afforded by labels are multiplied by the transparency of the containers themselves. You can not only read what’s inside, you can see it! On this type of container, the label is inserted in a holder with raised edges around it, located just beneath the release button.

Syncro offers two types of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) container: tilting and pull-out. Larger models can also be fitted with internal dividers.