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Syncro System van conversion for emergency service

A mobile emergency unit fitted on a light commercial vehicle.

Van conversion and mobile workshop are usually realized on panel vans and light commercial vehicles, but there is no contraindication to install van shelving, drawer cabinet and other van racking products inside a truck, trailer or container or what else means of transport and/or mobile unit.
Please see on the images a truck fitted for emergency service support: on the left side a drawer unit, lockers, a worktop, shelves, cabinets and an extendable tray at the top.
On the right side various cabinets and a metal frame to accommodate road signals, racking and a retractable worktop.
In addition straps, cable holders, hose reels with lamp, fire-extinguisher, first aid kit.
With Syncro System, you can rest assure about a safe and quality-wise van racking, light but strong and first of all that suit your needs.
The focus with all Syncro System designs is to improve the operators working environment to be both safe and effective.