Video of a Ducato used for analysing concrete

Watch the video about a mobile laboratory in a Ducato

The van seen here is a Fiat Ducato that Syncro System fitted out as a mobile laboratory for analysing road construction materials. The customer’s own equipment is perfectly integrated in the Syncro racking and the van is equipped with everything necessary for fully autonomous operation, even in terms of energy.

A well laid out interior for a concrete testing van

As these images show, every inch of space in this Ducato has been functionally exploited to meet the needs of the customer, who specialises in testing concrete and other road construction materials. The racking stops halfway up the van’s side walls. Marble-look plywood panels have been fixed to the tops to serve as work benches and tables for the special equipment that the customer needs, such as centrifuges and furnaces. The areas at floor-level have been enclosed by doors, transforming them into spacious storage compartments, while metal drawers with non-slip mats and automatic retaining mechanisms provide storage for the van’s small and medium size tools, instruments, spares and sundries, which are therefore readily accessible from the various work benches. The work areas are illuminated by LED lights and served by wall-mounted shelves.

Everything in perfect order plus electrical energy on tap!

In any mobile workshop, an autonomous power supply is of primary importance. Having your own source of electrical energy for use in difficult logistic situations when no mains supply is available dramatically enhances your professionalism. In this case, the customer asked us to install an Ecoflow power station with an extra battery unit. This is located under a custom-made table against the cab bulkhead and held in place by a special frame. The unit contains its own lithium battery, battery charger and inverter, and can even be recharged from photovoltaic panels. In this particular van it powers not only a compressor but all the van’s lab equipment.

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