Francom climbs up the list of Vicenza’s top 1000 companies

Francom continues to climb up the list of the top 1000 companies in the province of Vicenza

2018 has been a year of great satisfaction for Francom. The latest confirmation is to be found in the annual report published by Giornale di Vicenza, entitled “Vicenza’s Top 1000 Companies 2018, an annual report on the leading companies in the province of Vicenza”. This is the third year running for Francom, specialists in the production and installation of van racking products, to appear among the province’s top 1000 companies, which are selected on the basis of turnover. This year, Francom is not only back in the list but has climbed an amazing 81 positions thanks to the figure announced in its 2017 financial report!

Francom: aiming high and improving continuously

After finishing in 906th place last year, Francom is in 825th place in the 2018 list (based on figures for 2017) thanks to a turnover of 10,007,407 Euros, 16.5% up compared to the previous year, which recorded a figure of 8,615,806 Euros. Turnover is calculated by business area taking account of earnings, operating costs, amortisation, depreciation, personnel costs and net assets. Francom’s turnover for 2017 and its annual profit of 1,080,000 Euros confirmed forecasts made at the end of the previous business year by the group’s president, Luca Comunello, who described 2017 as “a record year”. Francom is now working hard to maintain and consolidate a successful business that provides steady employment for dozens of families by offering customers constantly improved solutions. As Luca Comunello, President of Francom and the Syncro Group declares, “The results of recent years confirm that customers all over the world are appreciating Syncro products and services more and more. Our racking solutions help customers greatly improve their efficiency and effectiveness on the move, and create added value for users in a wide variety of fields. It’s no coincidence that every year, tens of thousands of van users choose a Syncro System racking solution!”