Francom in the list of the top 1000 companies of Vicenza!

The “Vicenza 1000 Companies/2016 annual report of top companies in the city and province of Vicenza”, published on the 5th November and distributed with the Giornale di Vicenza newspaper, includes Francom S.p.A. for the first time among the best performing companies in the province of Vicenza. The list is based on financial statements for the year 2015 registered in the database of CERVED (Italy’s leading information provider and one of the three top rating agencies in Europe). This important recognition confirms Francom’s constant commitment to growth, innovation, internationalisation and diversification. The tables contained in the 2016 report refer to turnover for 2015, arranged by business area, financial exposure (the difference between earnings and expenses), amortisation and devaluation, personnel costs and net assets. Francom S.p.A. appears at number 962 in the list, with a declared 2015 turnover of 7,026,249 Euros. With the turnovers of Francom’s controlled companies in the Syncro System Group taken into account, this figure would increase to around 9 million Euros. This is a particularly important snapshot of our business, especially if we compare it to likely results for 2016. Our forecast turnover of 8.5 million Euros for 2016 would see us climbing at least 200 positions in the list!