A Syncro mobile workshop after an accident

Syncro System mobile workshops even withstand accidents

It has happened again! A van fitted with a Syncro System storage system has been involved in an accident in which the vehicle rolled over. The exterior of the van suffered serious damage, but the storage units fitted by one of the Syncro Group’s installation centres withstood the impact without damage, and remained securely fixed to the interior wall linings. Much of the material transported remained in place.

The accident: a Syncro-equipped van turns over after a collision with another vehicle

As you can see from the photos reproduced above, after a side-on collision with another vehicle, the van in question, a Renault Trafic, rolled over and came to rest on the driver’s side. The fire brigade was called to rescue the van’s owner – luckily unharmed – from the cab, and a breakdown truck managed to right the van and tow it away for repairs.

A van tips over: a risk for driver and passengers as well as other road users?

An accident of this kind could easily have had far more serious consequences for the driver and passengers in the cab, for other road users, and even passers-by. Vans often carry heavy or awkward items that can easily turn into “missiles” and impact the walls of the load compartment or even get thrown completely out of the vehicle if the doors burst open.

Syncro storage systems: tough enough to withstand accidents

The shelving units fixed to the side walls maintained their position and remained securely attached. Material from the open shelves was deposited on the floor in the centre of the van, but everything remained safely within the load compartment. The containers carrying spares and small parts, stowed in shelves with non-slip mats and dividers along the left side wall, all remained in place. What better proof could there be that Syncro System van storage systems are perfectly safe even in an accident, helping to minimise the potential for damage.

A real crash test

The situation described above is just one of many possible occurrences Syncro’s design department bears in mind when designing new van storage systems. This is confirmed by the fact that when subjected to crash testing by TÜV Rheinland, Syncro storage components passed with flying colours and were awarded the coveted GS, “Proven Safety” mark.