A Nissan NV300 with racking for an aircon technician

A simple racking system for a heating and air conditioning service 

Simple it may look, but behind this Syncro racking system is a complex design process that has left room for future expansion. This Nissan NV300 belongs to a company that specialises in installing, servicing and repairing boilers and air conditioning systems. Syncro has only fitted basic racking modules and two LED ceiling lights. No other accessories were required – yet! So, let’s take a closer look at what Syncro has done to allow this customer to extend his van’s functionality in future.

How Syncro plans a van racking system 

Whenever a potential customer calls in to one of our centres (or phones, emails or posts a message on social media), his request goes first to the consultant for that area, whose job it is to arrange a meeting. During this meeting, all the customer’s needs are explored and the scope of the project determined (the make and model of van, its current condition and the budget for the work). On the basis of this information, a technician from the Syncro dealer nearest to the customer next prepares a completely personal racking proposal for discussion and modification according to the customer’s observations. Only then can the installation as such start. The van comes into the Syncro workshop for a brief period and is soon back with its owner, ready for use!  Thanks to this way of working, focused entirely on users’ needs, Syncro can boast over 75,000 satisfied customers around the world since 1996!

Liners and racking for the NV300

Following the method described above, Syncro’ technical team proposed to fit out this van in two stages: 

  • firstly, by installing a protective floor liner, in this case made from marble-look plywood ;
  • secondly, by installing racking on all three walls of the cargo compartment
  • This leaves space free at the bottom of the bulkhead and rear doors for future expansion of the racking system.

Drawers and shelves for keeping everything safe and tidy

The racking features a large number of storage containers, some open, some enclosed, on both sides of the van. 

  • 15 large drawers provide plenty of secure storage for a large number of small to medium tools and other items. Each drawer is fitted with an automatic locking device and comes complete with space dividers for creating separate internal compartments. 
  • Seven open shelves, with non-slip mats and a variable number of dividers, provide ample storage space for consumables. 
  • In addition, there is also a top shelf with removable plastic containers and three floor-level compartments with delimiting panels at the bottom and cargo retaining straps further up, designed to make effective use of otherwise awkward spaces.
  • To ensure good illumination inside the van under all ambient lighting conditions, two LED ceiling lights have been fitted over the doors. These compact units come with a touch-control switch and produce excellent light despite extremely low energy consumption.

Transparent containers: a great storage idea

A set of cabinets mounted on the bulkhead provides 32 transparent tilting containers: an extremely practical solution for carrying large quantities of small components and spares so that they are always visible!  In the case of Syncro Ultra containers, transparency goes hand in hand with strength. They are made from PMMA, the same material used to make aircraft windows: amazingly tough, unaffected by sunlight and warp-proof too.

Potential for future expansion: accessories and equipment for the NV300

This heating and aircon service’s NV300 is ready for use as it is but it could easily be fitted with accessories and additional racking modules if need arises in future. For example? 

  • The bottom of the bulkhead could be fitted with a bar and strap cargo retaining system to secure medium-large items of cargo on the floor. 
  • The rear panels of the left and right racking could be fitted with racks (e.g. for tubes of silicone or spray cans) or accessories like a first aid kit or paper roll holder. 
  • The insides of the rear doors could be lined in prepainted or galvanised steel and then fitted with cleaning accessories like a handwash kit with soap dispenser, or with multi-purpose hooks.
  • The roof of the NV300 could be fitted with roof bars or a pipe carrier, greatly increasing the van’s carrying capacity. 
Browse the other Nisan NV300 pages to see more practical applications of Syncro racking for this van! 





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