An old Syncro toolbox, still in good condition

Here is a perfect example of “keeping in good shape”! The tool case shown in these photos has been in use for 40 long years. And not on a shelf but in active service!

This tool case was used for 40 years by an electrician who bought it back in 1977. At that time, tool cases of this type were one of the best-selling products of Francom, the company behind the Syncro System Group. Francom’s founder, Francesco Comunello, had had the bright idea to form the various compartments of these folding tool cases in one piece. By eliminating fragile welds, he succeeded in creating a virtually indestructible product.  The customer has never stopped using this tool case since day 1, and has never been tempted to buy one of the many alternatives now on the market. You don’t change a winning team! The only thing to change over the years has been the contents. The tool case has been used to carry electrical parts and tools to thousands of jobs in homes, offices, construction sites and companies. While obviously treated with care, it must have stood on all kinds of surface and is sure to have fallen from quite a height on various occasions. There must have been impacts with other cases too, and long hours in the pouring rain and under the hot sun.  Despite leading an active life for forty years, this tool case has not sustained any damage. It is still perfectly whole and fully functional. And there’s more … the only way we could “drag it away” from its owner was by insisting on its historical value to our company, and of course by offering him a new model!  This tale reminds us that our constant commitment to making long-lasting products dates back to our earliest beginnings and is very much part of Syncro System's DNA.  All our new van racking products and accessories are made in Francom to satisfy customers’ needs and to last for years to come, far longer than the life of the vehicle in which they will be travelling.