A Peugeot Partner with an exclusive racking solution for a builder

A Peugeot Partner 2018 L1H1 with racking for a firm of builders

Racking plays a fundamental role in making the most of available space, especially in a small van! Syncro System racking centres know plenty of ways to make the most of your van, in line with your professional needs, of course.

In the case of the vehicle seen here, the solution to the problem of space comes in the form of under-floor storage, with conventional racking installed on top. The van in question is a Peugeot Partner L1H1 – the smallest model in the range with a side door. The owner does indoor and outdoor building work.

Let’s take a closer look at this racking solution.

Why fit bodywork liners?

Before starting to install any racking, one thing should always be done first: the interior of the van needs to be protected with liners. Only the most basic form of protection has been fitted to this Partner: a floor liner in marble-look plywood has been installed to form a raised floor over the drawer unit beneath. Here are three good reasons why you should never ask your Syncro dealer to skip this crucial step:

  • Syncro liners protect your van’s thin body panels against dents and scratches.
  • In an accident, interior liners dramatically reduce the amount of damage caused by materials and equipment sliding around and falling.
  • Liners provide secure anchorage for racking and accessories without having to drill holes in the original bodywork.

Underfloor storage: how to save space and improve order

Installing a raised floor effectively doubles your floor space! The original floor of this Partner was first equipped with an underfloor storage unit consisting of a robust metal frame containing two long drawers that open out from the rear and a third drawer accessible from the side door. A raised floor, strong enough to be walkable and to withstand the weight of racking and cargo, was then installed over this, covering it and hiding it from view.

In addition to saving space, this solution is also excellent for keeping everything tidy inside the van. All the things you would normally dump on the floor can now be carried in one of three drawers!

The left of the Peugeot Partner

The racking on this side consists of an open floor-level compartment with an adjustable lashing strap with hooks fixed to the sides. Above this are a large metal drawer with an automatic mechanism for holding it in closed position and a non-slip mat in the bottom, and a shelf with a raised back panel. A top shelf runs the entire length of this racking, which is complemented by a paper roll holder on the rearward-facing side panel.

The right of the Peugeot Partner

Less space is available on the right of this Peugeot Partner due to the presence of the side door, but full use has been made of it thanks to a compact racking column offering various storage options:

  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door to transform the space around the wheel arch into practical storage
  • six transparent pull-out containers with internal dividers, ideal for keeping small items, spare parts and tools in perfect order – an exclusive Syncro System solution that is protected by various patents
  • a top tray

The rearward side panel of this column is equipped with a first aid case.

Syncro System adds functionality to every inch of your van

Despite the compact size of this van, Syncro’s racking team managed to maximise its potential and even added an exclusive Syncroblock cargo retaining system on the bulkhead. This practical accessory allows the user to carry in total safety items that are too large to fit into one of the drawers or shelves.

Need a racking system for your own small van? Ask Syncro System – the custom racking professionals

The experience gained from fitting out over 90,000 vans in almost 30 years of work makes Syncro System the undisputed masters of van racking. You can trust us to offer reliable, obligation-free advice and come up with the perfect solution for you and your van. Visit this page and check out the links to view other Syncro racking solutions for the Peugeot Partner. Look here for other makes and models with racking for construction companies.

Syncro has unrivalled experience and a vast range of products for your van. Call us now! Don’t miss this chance to become more efficient and professional!





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