A Partner with racking for a PVC door and window fitter

A Partner with a Syncro racking solution for installing and repairing PVC doors and windows

Syncro System’s racking solution for this Peugeot Partner is designed to leave plenty of free space for carrying equipment and materials while also providing a sufficient number of containers for storing tools and small parts in a safe and orderly manner. The van’s owner installs PVC doors and windows and also services the machines that make them. His choice of a small van was dictated by the need for easy mobility in the urban environment and on construction sites. Alongside the Partner, he also operates a larger van for carrying door and window frames. Carry on reading to learn more about this racking solution.

Custom liners for the Peugeot Partner

Syncro makes no exceptions: in the light of 30 years of experience and over 90,000 vans fitted out, we always recommend fitting liners as a first step. Why?

  • They protect the original bodywork. Liners reinforce and extend the life of the floor and protect the walls and doors against damage.
  • They provide a firm base for racking and accessories and avoid the need to drill holes in the original body.
  • They make the van’s interior brighter and easier to clean.

This Partner is fitted with a birch plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin coating and stainless-steel anchor ring cups and edge profiles. The upper sections of the doors and walls are lined with tough steel panelling.

The Partner’s left side: everything needed for total functionality

Full use has been made of the left wall. Every last inch has been transformed into useful storage for the tools and materials needed. The arrangement of this column of racking gives a good idea of the tremendous flexibility of Syncro racking elements. The racking comprises:

  • three large metal drawers, arranged one over another starting at floor level and another three smaller drawers in the top half of the column, all equipped with non-slip rubber mats and space dividers for forming separate compartments
  • two shelves of removable plastic containers, located in the bottom half
  • two case trays with Syncro’s patented locking and release mechanism based on a central button and two side latches
  • a configurable shelf and a top shelf
  • a pull-out bench with a metal vice that extends in a few seconds and occupies next to no space when closed, a solution that provides a robust work surface when space is at a premium and includes an aluminium panel to protect the racking where the vice comes into contact with it
  • an exclusive professional case in ABS and aluminium, with internal component trays, two latches and three springs to prevent accidental opening, the only case fully compatible with Syncro pull-out case trays!

Syncro accessories for the Partner: minimum dimensions, maximum efficiency

Syncro’s vast range of accessories has an answer to all needs. Accessories are particularly useful in small vans like this Partner, where every inch requires a dedicated solution.

Left side: on the side panel facing the rear door, we can see a large metal storage pocket at floor level and a first aid kit at the top.

Right side: this wall has been left completely free apart from two spray can racks installed half way up so that they do not protrude beyond the wheel arch. This space-saving idea allows the whole centre of the van to be used to carry cargo or large items of equipment.

Bulkhead: as often requested, this area is equipped with Syncro’s versatile Syncroblock bars with lashing straps and sliding fittings. Syncroblock bar is the only product of its kind on the market today that can be installed either on racking or on bodywork. It is fully compatible with a wide range of cargo carrying accessories, including universal clamps, lashing straps, cable holders and telescopic hooks.

Right rear door: this surface is dedicated entirely to cleanliness and hygiene. It is fitted with a handwash kit consisting of a water container with tap, a liquid soap dispenser and a paper roll holder.

Have we convinced you? If you need more information, we are at your disposal

If you had any doubts about the wisdom of installing racking in your van, we hope we have dispelled them. But perhaps we have just aroused your curiosity!

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