Syncro System achieves almost 100% customer satisfaction

Syncro System’s customer satisfaction rating is nearly 100%

On this page we are delighted to present the flattering results of a Customer Satisfaction survey carried out by Cerved* on behalf of Syncro System. The survey is based on data collected from a total of 1000 interviewees including 208 customer companies.

*Cerved= an Italian data analysis company, commercial information and company rating agency

100% satisfaction with the service received from Syncro.

Focusing specifically on service, 39% of the customers interviewed declared that Syncro System exceeded their expectations. Nobody complained that service had failed to meet their expectations.

Syncro customers satisfied at all stages, from consulting to after-sales service

The Cerved survey examined three areas: sales personnel and offer preparation (rated at 98/100), order management (99/100) and, finally, administration and customer service (98/100). Syncro’s overall Customer Satisfaction Index was then calculated on the basis of data collected for all three of these macro areas. The final figure for Syncro System was 98/100.

Customers most appreciate Syncro’s flexibility, customisation and speed in offer presentation

Flexibility in handling special requests, the extent to which racking can be personalised and speed in drawing up an offer are the characteristics most appreciated by Syncro System customers in their dealings with sales personnel. The quality of the racking solutions seen in demo vans and the technical competence of sales staff were also viewed positively.

Technical competence, short installation times and quality finish make our racking the best

The installation technicians who work in all Syncro System dealers are trained to produce state-of-the-art racking systems that deliver super functionality and last for many years to come. The Cerved survey confirms the importance of our commitment: customers appreciate the competence and professionalism of our installers even when last-minute changes are made to the original order, the fact that their vans are off the road only for the short times promised, and the quality of the completed racking system.

The best offering in the field of van racking

According to the survey, the characteristics that place Syncro System ahead of the competition are:

  • the competence of sales personnel
  • the quality of the service
  • the flexibility of the offer

Syncro System: always seeking to improve

The Syncro System Group knows that nobody is perfect. That is why a philosophy of continuous improvement guides everything we do.

Though delighted with the level of satisfaction declared by our customers, we are committed to improving still further. We shall follow up even the smallest complaint and welcome all suggestions in order to maintain our standing as the top name in van racking!