A vast range of van racking products


The Syncro range is vast indeed: over 30,000 articles, between drawers and shelves, accessories, floor and interior liners for all makes and models of van, tool and component cases, ladder racks and loading ramps etc.. With so much choice, you are sure to find what you need. All Syncro System products are readily available. In response to changing needs, Syncro System regularly adds new products too.

Bodywork protection for vans: floor and interior liners

Syncro produces a full range of bodywork and interior liners for vans, including floor liners in marine grade plywood or aluminium tread plate and protective panels for your van’s cargo compartment, including bulkhead and wheel arch liners and even window grilles. Syncro liners for van floors, walls and other parts are made from lightweight but extremely tough materials and come cut to shape for quick and easy fitting. Read more about our van body liners and floor liners or Flooring panels for vans

Shelves for vans

Shelves are among the most popular items of van racking with Syncro System customers. They are ideal for carrying materials and equipment in a well organised and practical manner. Syncro shelves are a great help for plumbers, electricians and service engineers! They are made from high-strength steel and come in many different sizes and variants: - Shelves with movable space dividers: complete with non-slip mat and movable aluminium dividers with vibration-proof clips. - Shelves with doors: doors can be fitted in front of shelves to create an enclosed compartment, hiding valuable items from view and eliminating the risk of things falling out. - Shelves for impact-resistant plastic containers: containers are held in place individually by special frames and can be removed for use inside the van or at the work site. - Trays for jerry cans: used with Syncro’s practical 10-litre plastic jerry cans, these shelves are a great way to transport liquids. Find out more about Syncro shelves for vans or Flooring panels for vans

Drawers for vans

Drawers play an important role in Syncro van racking systems as they provide practical and orderly storage for tools, parts and materials. Syncro drawers are mounted on ball-bearing runners and have load capacities between 40 and 140 kg depending on size, an automatic double latch system and a front with no protruding parts. The Syncro catalogue offers: - Standard-opening drawers in many different sizes. - Sideways-opening drawers for easy access to tools, parts and equipment from outside the van. - Pull-out trays for tool and component cases. - Under-floor drawers for vans: installed under a raised floor, these drawers provide storage for a large amount of material, leaving the floor above completely free. - Cabinets of transparent containers: Syncro transparent containers offer easy visibility of contents and incorporate a patented automatic latch and push-button release system, and a flush-fitting handle. The cabinets are completely modular and can be installed in any position in a Syncro van racking system. - Lockers for vans, made from aluminium and high-strength steel. Learn more about Syncro van drawers or drawer units for vans drawers for vans

Tool cases and component cases

Tool cases and component cases are used daily by electricians, plumbers, service technicians and all kinds of craftsmen and small businesses. Syncro System offers a vast range of cases, all fully compatible with Syncro racking. Syncro steel component cases are amazingly strong, thanks to steel latches, welded hinges and a safety catch that prevents accidental opening. They can be fitted with modular plastic trays or aluminium dividers. Syncro’s aluminium and ABS professional tool cases are top quality, Italian-made products. Find out more about Syncro tool cases and component cases or metal tool boxes service cases small parts cases

Loading ramps for vans

Syncro System aluminium loading ramps are ideal for loading motorcycles, trolleys and wheeled equipment into your van. The Syncro range includes specially designed ramps for motorcycles and ramps with a load capacity of up to 1,800 kg. Heavy duty ramps must be fixed to the van while lightweight models can be removed and stowed away inside. See examples of Syncro loading ramps or aluminium loading ramps motorbike ramps loading ramps

Roof racks and ladder racks for vans

Syncro System roof bars, roof racks and ladder racks are the ideal way to carry material and equipment on the roof of your van. - Made entirely from steel and aluminium. - Extremely silent thanks to Syncro’s Ultrasilent profile, which dramatically reduces noise and turbulence. - Anti-scratch rubber on tops of cross-bars. - Rear loading roller on models with side fences. - Completely modular and configurable: the number and length of cross-bars and fences can be varied as needed within the limits imposed by vehicle size and fittings. - Ladder racks make loading ladders on to the roof quick and easy. See more examples of van roof bars, roof racks and ladder racks or roof bars roof racks ladder holders for vans

Accessories for vans

If you work on construction sites or at your customers’ premises, Syncro accessories for vans give you the convenience you normally have only back at base. The Syncro range includes handwash kits with soap and water dispensers, hooks, straps, spotlights, first aid kits, generator slides, metal pockets, fire extinguisher brackets, jerry cans, security locks for van doors, trolleys, awnings, computer stands, worktops, vice benches, air vents and case retaining systems. Syncro System accessories add a whole world of convenience to your van racking! Learn more about our vast range of van accessories or Van accessories





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