Certifications for Syncro van racking


Syncro System has always invested heavily in the continuous improvement of products and services to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Shelves, drawers and other Syncro products are designed for strength and low weight and ensure a trouble-free user experience for many years to come. Syncro personnel are trained and organised to help you find exactly the right solution for your needs and, later, to fit out your van rapidly and safely. Syncro customers can rely on unrivalled after sales assistance, upgrade and removal services too. In recognition of the achievements of the Syncro System Group, on the 26/01/2012, the notified body TÜV Rheinland Italia certified Syncro System’s Quality Management System governing the design, production, installation, sale and assistance of van racking products and accessories. The Syncro System Group handles every phase of production, from design to customer assistance, at its two factories in Cassola, near Vicenza, and at eight local installation centres around Italy. Audits and inspections carried out by TÜV have shown that the group’s management and control systems are perfectly able to deliver top-quality products and services to customers, to manage potential problems and criticalities, and to ensure continuous improvement in quality. This latest edition of the standard makes risk-based management obligatory and places a greater emphasis on commitment to quality as an element of responsible and visible leadership. The evaluation of context, inside and outside the company, has also improved and knowledge is now seen as a resource just like any other, to be safeguarded and developed. Francom was able to demonstrate the sustainability of its offering for the benefit of all stakeholders and fulfilled all the requirements of the audit.


The prestigious notified body TÜV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH awarded Francom S.p.A. GS certification on 11/03/2004. “GS” stands for “Geprüfte Sichereit” or “Proven Safety”. The GS mark is a voluntary quality mark and shows that a product has been tested by an independent certifying body and found to be safe for use. Factories also have to be inspected on an annual basis. The reference standard for GS testing is the latest edition of ECE R17, which involves a crash test into a non-deformable barrier generating a deceleration force of around 20 G. The TÜV Rheinland Group is one of the leading international providers of testing and certification services, with a turnover in excess of 900 million euros. It is one of the few organisations the German government has authorised to issue GS certification. The GS quality mark proves that, in addition to satisfying the necessary requirements for functionality and weight, etc., Syncro System van racking is also exceptionally safe in use. In the unfortunate event of an accident, even of a serious nature, its extremely robust design prevents parts becoming loose and dangerous, and retains cargo safely in place.


TÜV Rheinland have subjected Syncro System roof racks to a series of rigorous tests as required by DIN standard 75302. Small van roof racks were tested for a load of 100 kg, medium models for 150 kg and large models for 200 kg. The first test involved braking from 80 km/h to 0 km/h three times, with the maximum permitted load on the roof. In the second test, a horizontal force four times maximum permitted load (i.e. 400 kg, 600 kg and 800 kg respectively) was applied to the roof rack along the axis of the stationary vehicle. In the third test, a force four times maximum permitted load was applied to the roof rack at an angle of di 20° to the axis of the stationary vehicle. The fourth test applied a lifting force of 255 kg to a load (secured to the roof rack) for 10 minutes, again with the van stationary. The first test evaluated roof rack performance under fierce braking while the other three tests assessed the effects of traction in various directions with the vehicle stationary. Syncro System roof racks passed these extremely tough tests with flying colours: no sign of damage or deformation was detected.


Straps are essential components in most Syncro System retaining systems. All the straps contained in the Syncro catalogue and described in the cargo retaining accessories section have been tested and certified to DIN EN 12 195-2. As required by this standard, they all carry a label (in different colours depending on the material from which they are made), bearing the following information:
  • • Load capacity, expressed in daN
  • • Maximum stretch
  • • SHF (standard hand force) and STF (standard tension force)
  • • The reference standard
  • • The material from which the strap is made, its length and the manufacturer’s trademark
  • • Product identification number
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Straps are often used in conjunctions with hooks to secure cargo in vans. The ROTAL-GNC, ROTAL-GNC.AN and GNBC hooks presented in the cargo retaining accessories section of the Syncro System catalogue have been tested according to ISO 27956:2009, the standard that establishes requirements and test methods for delivery van cargo securing equipment. The tests involved the application of a load of 1000 kg, a force equivalent to 2.5 kN, at angles of traction of 0° and 60°. All the Syncro hooks tested conformed to requirements! Some even exceeded them and demonstrated an ability to withstand even double the force, i.e. 5 kN, without damage.


All Syncro System van racking products are designed and made: • according to the European Directives, Italian laws and harmonised standards applicable to the product • according to European Directive 2006/42 EC, transposed by Presidential Decree 17/2010 – European Directive 89/391 EEC, transposed by Legislative Decree 81/08 – harmonised standards UNI EN ISO 12100:2010 – CEI EN 60204-1:2006 • with certification according to the Italian Highway Code, Presidential Decree 495 of 16/12/1992 - article 54 comma 2 letter ff) vehicles for use as workshops (letter introduced by article 120 of Presidential Decree 610 of 16/919/96 ) • with reference to the resistance tests contained in standards UNI 10916:2001 and UNI EN 14074:2005 – UNI 8581:2005 – UNI 8604:2005 – UNI 8605:2005 – UNI 9604:1990 • with reference to the ECE-R 17 sled tests and ZEK 01.2-08/12.08 • The technical file for components, accessories, design drawings, layouts, test results and operation and maintenance manuals is kept at the disposal of the competent authorities at FRANCOM’s offices. All Syncro System material conforms to the requirements of occupational safety standards.


Francom S.p.A. and the Syncro System Group have always dedicated maximum attention to and invested heavily in the continuous improvement of working conditions, to significantly reduce all risks of accidents at work and occupational disease. The group’s commitment was officially recognised on 11/12/2015 when the Francom plant in Cassola was certified as having developed and applied an Occupational Health and Safety System conforming to the SAFETY AT WORK rules of the UNI INAIL Guidelines, 2001 edition. 2001


On 15 November 2016, Cribis D&B, a company in the CRIF Group and part of the Dun & Bradstreet international network, awarded Francom S.p.A. and Syncro System Italy certification as “Cribis Prime Companies” for achieving the highest possible level of commercial reliability. This coveted certification is granted only to a small number of companies around the world (only 3% of over 250 million companies assessed), considered able to guarantee customers, suppliers and lenders zero risk in all business transactions. Certification is based on the Cribis D&B Rating, a dynamic indicator that is continuously updated and rates a company’s dependability on the basis of criteria such as stability, solvency and punctuality in payments.





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