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Crash test at 50 kmph positively passed


The Syncro System has successfully passed the crash test according to ECE-R17 European Regulation, that consists in a frontal crash against an indeformable barrier.
This last formulation of the regulation increased the speed of the crash test from 32 kph up to 50 kph, with a consequent increase of the kinetic energy about 2,5 times.
The weight comprehensively installed was of kg. 80 (equipment) + kg. 160 (load) on the left side, and Kg. 55 (equipment) + Kg. 110 (load) on the right side.
The test was carried out at the TUV Krafthart Gmbh of Cologne in Germany. According to the TUV relation, the material was distorted, but without any dangerous situations for the passengers created by the detachment of parts or by the deformation of the equipment itself. Also, almost the whole of the load was detained in an effective manner, without creating any situations of danger for the passengers.
Syncro System is one of the few products in Europe to have surpassed the test at the speed of 50 kph,, that as said is almost 2,5 times more binding compared to the speed prescribed in priority.
In the photographs it may be noted that the material has undergone considerable deformations, but it remained in the inside of the loading van, and without the detachment of parts or of the content; any handicraft preparation likely would be detached, creating situations of danger for the passengers.

Right side

Left Side