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Top tecnology for top quality

Syncro System uses the most up to date technology and organisation in order to deliver the top quality our customers deserve!

Cutting-edge technology: Syncro System uses exclusively laser cutting machines, which ensure tolerance of 0,1 mm. This means an average tolerance of 0.0013%, ensuring products without problems.
The bending is done with CNC machines of the latest generation.
The high quality among other things ensures no breakage and the ability to reuse the material: today's product is compatible with the material made 13 years ago and what will be produced in the future!

CAD / CAM design and production are fully managed by the computer.
We use advanced techniques of virtual prototyping, which allow maximum accuracy and cut down time and costs.

ORGANIZATION The Syncro uses the most modern techniques of lean manufacturing, total quality and continuous improvement, to ensure rapid and continuous increase in quality, for increased customer satisfaction.