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Video with sales figures for the end of 2022

Watch this video to learn the latest van sales figures and key facts about Syncro System racking in just a few minutes:

Contents of the video

  • van sales figures for Italy
  • facts and figures about Syncro System and its history
  • information about Syncro products
  • good reasons for installing bodywork liners
  • good reasons for installing racking in your van
  • how much you can save with Syncro racking

Van sales statistics for Italy

Total worldwide sales of light goods vehicles in 2021 came to

26,274,310, made up of 14,976,870 in America, 8,134,005 in Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, 2,854,410 in Europe and 311,990 in Africa.

Key facts and figures about Syncro System

Since 1996, when Syncro System first decided to specialise exclusively in van racking, we have fitted out over 90,000 vans at our dealerships in Italy and another 35 countries around the world. Syncro System currently employs 93 people and has a catalogue that contains over 36,000 product codes.

Why is it so important to install liners and racking?

There are many excellent reasons, and since all Syncro System racking solutions are fully customised, each one of our users could add a reason of their own. The most commonly mentioned are:

  • to protect the bodywork against dents and rust and to extend its life
  • to avoid costly repairs to damaged bodywork
  • to save time and money by keeping everything tidy
  • to use 100% of available space with the flexible Ultra system
  • to improve your image and professionalism
  • to minimise damage caused by shifting cargo in the event of an accident

Syncro System racking in 10 words…

Strong - Safe - Functional

Flexible - Reusable - Integrable

Modular – Economical - Guaranteed - Lightweight

The story of the Syncro System Group

1953 Francesco Comunello rents his first business premises in San Zeno di Cassola and starts selling and repairing bicycles

1960 Francesco Comunello forms Francom in San Zeno di Cassola to produce handles for farm implements

1970s Production of tool boxes and metal cash boxes begins

1981 The company moves to a new factory in San Zeno di Cassola

1982 Francesco Comunello loses his life in a road accident and his wife, Maria Menon, and eldest son, Luca (then aged 19), assume control of the company

1989 Production record: 300,000 tool boxes in 12 months

1990s Production of metal tool cases, tool racks and strongboxes begins

1996 Francom dedicates 100% of its attention to van racking and the Syncro System Group is formed with dealers throughout Italy

2010 Francom celebrates 50 years of activity

2014 Production moves to the new factory at 114 Via Portile

2016 After 20 years of activity, Francom is present in 40 countries around the world

2018 Expansion of the factory in Via Portile

2018 The offices also move to Via Portile

2019 Syncro launches Syncro Ultra

2020 Syncro System Italia and Francom merge to form Syncro System S.p.A.