New Installation Manual for 2023

The 2023 edition of Syncro System’s Installation Manual

The latest edition of the Syncro System Installation Manual, updated for the first half of 2023, is out now and contains detailed instructions on how to achieve a perfect racking installation. Syncro’s R&D department works continuously to improve existing products and to optimise installation methods. All changes are recorded and introduced into the next edition of the Installation Manual, to keep installers and customers up to date with the latest and best procedures for assembling and installing tough, long-lasting racking systems.

Free download or direct access from this page

You can download the new manual from this link or, if you prefer, browse it online by clicking below:

Readership of the Installation Manual

The Syncro System Installation Manual is written primarily for racking installers working at Syncro System van racking centres, but it can also be consulted by customers who wish to learn how to install Syncro racking and accessories.

The uniform installation procedures established in this regularly updated manual ensures that Syncro racking systems are always assembled to the highest standards wherever they are installed. Proper assembly and installation ensures that every single component in a racking system conforms 100% to its catalogue specifications and that the system as a whole will have an extended working life – frequently longer than the van in which it is installed!

Content of the 2023 Installation Manual

Compared to the previous Installation Manual, this new edition contains updates on the following pages:

  • 13: Installing lining panels with joins
  • 19: Installing wheel arch liners
  • 21: Installing metal roof liners
  • 24: Installing honeycomb polypropylene roof liners
  • 49: Installing runners for metal drawers
  • 53: Installation of straight and stepped lockers
  • 81: Installation of modular drawer units in lengths of 70 - 95 -120 - 135 cm